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Might be time to move on

I’ve been on Fiverr for almost 3 years and I have to be honest and say I’ve really enjoyed my time here.

The problem is that now I’m not getting anywhere near the amount of work I did and I have no idea why.

I’m a voice over and I have over 1200 5 star reviews, worst review I ever got was 4 stars.

I have gone from between 12 to 19 gigs per day to 1 so far this week. Right now I see no point in being here and I am so disappointed. I have no idea what I can do about it. even with a promoted gig the work is just not there any more.

I hate the fact that I am even having to think about leaving but I really don’t see the point in staying right now.
Such a shame…:cry::cry::disappointed:


I know it can be super frustrating. I can go from just a few gigs a month to off my feet busy and then quiet again.

How long as this lull been? Normally when I’m in a lull longer than a month, I’ll update my gigs details, and it seems to help the algorithm to let people find me.

Keep with it. You’ll see the other side of this.


The decline has been going on for some time, yes I’ve had the odd week that’s been better, but not even close to what it was.

I’ll gave all the gigs a clean and tidy up and see what happens.

It’s probably so frustrating but I don’t see the need to quit. Why don’t you sell on Fiverr part time if the work isn’t making the money you used to?

I really wish the very best for you.

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I’ve been here for more than 5 years, and since back then there was less competition, I guess
I can say I am getting less orders than I used to overall.
Still, I never thought of quitting since there is no harm in keeping the Fiverr account.
Now if for example you had to pay a monthly membership fee to keep your account I can see why you are thinking of leaving, but since there is no such fee, I’d say keep your account, keep your gigs active, and while you are hoping to get more orders here on Fiverr, try different platforms and such.
Who knows, a few weeks from now ( and around the time you almost started to forget that you even had a Fiverr account), you could get bombarded with orders.

It has happened to me a few times in the past, the dry-up period and the flood just comes in random waves :slight_smile:


Exactly…get orders - do them. Don’t get orders - do something else. Why quit? Don’t understand.


Don’t quit John. I have purchased your service before for few times and highly recommended your service. My order drying up too, and the 2 orders you seeing now is 1 for edit and the other one was ordered last wk. To me it is 90% drop. But like what writer99025 said, get orders do them, no order do something else.
Hope things get better for you. Hate to see professional service providers like you to leave this community :frowning:


Same here! It’s so frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: But i am not quitting.!

Writer, you’re rich. Us normals/peasants have to worry about things like where the next roll of toilet paper is coming from. We can’t just sit around with our feet up feeling self-empowered. Do you know how embarrassing it can be to have to beg for a cigarette off a homeless person? It’s undignifying, even for me.


I apologize…I understand.

Hello John, its frustrating for sure, but I am sure you would have started planning for options. Point is, why not continue this too…Let it be in the scheme of things as suggested by all of us here. And who knows, all your options might fill in for each other.
So in a way you have to plugin the gaps/ lull periods, either by improving your gigs, or by diversifying to other platforms…in addition to this great platform, Fiverr.
Fight it out…

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Thank you guys. I’ll keep the account open and just see what happens.
I have to wonder what Fiverr Pro is going to do to the platform.
I’ve seen one gig asking over $7k.
I get the idea of pro but some of the prices people are asking is just stupid.

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Some people will be willing to pay for them prices coz they (some) don´t know that there are (way) better deals. Or maybe they do know that there are way better prices, but people are different, there are people who may not care about throwing money out of the window, especially if the service they are purchasing is for investment and they are confident that it would be a good investment. Each to their own. However, I strongly believe, just because a seller doesn´t have a PRO label, that doesn´t mean they are not professional. :slight_smile:

By the way, like others have said, don´t close your account yet.

Do you know that this is EXACTLY what many people in design, voice over, translation, writing, web design, SEO, etc have been saying about Fiverr sellers for the past 7 years? Different markets, different audience, different requirements.
By the way, Fiverr sellers have been competing with Pro prices all along, the only difference is that they are now side by side for buyers to choose from. If you deliver sufficient quality for the price you charge then you have nothing to worry about with Pro and will probably see benefit from it.


Same here, last one week I didn’t get any order. Its so much frustrating for the growing up profile like me. Also I am trying to find the way to get back.

Hi there, just stopping by to say Yes as a voice over artist I also saw a decline in clients lately, but now it is picking up again. Stick to it.

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In coming days - there will many :wink: