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Might just be me and my conspiracy Theory


Hi, i was looking at accounts of old acquaintances might be wrong about this but people are paying other fiverr users to order their gigs and climb the Rankings.

Is this Legal Moral and Just for other designers.

Please help me understand this better.

I will not post any Usernames cuz they are people i know personally.



Review exchanges are against Fiverr’s ToS, so you’re quite right to be concerned.


It’s illegal and immoral.

You work hard for success.


I know what you guys mean thats why i wanna ask if we can report it to Fiverr CS under Tos Violation and get them punished but here is the thing they are being smart with this now.

They are not exchanging reviews directly but passively.

One person pays money and other person orders their gigs, they wait a few days then another order, if they start getting orders they mix in a few fake reviews every now and then.

Now these people are not stupid in any sense so there is not much evidence against them but they have created fake accounts to do all their Fake reviews.


:smile: I know about that and so does fiverr support but it has not changed since the creation of account its been like this for all my classmates too.

We started Fiverr in our Junior year of University, MUST University blocked most forums and freelance sites. We installed zenmate and created accounts on fiverr. i got germany others got romania and US.

I reported it to Fiverr when i moved into the city and got my own internet, they said let it update automatically and it will change in due time.

Since about 9 months ago but it never changed


No i like it and if Lindsey has a problem with it i will remove it.


Just so you are aware, Fiverr can ban your account. if that does happen you will lose all your earnings.

It’s best to ask support to change your location on your profile because that can create confusion with buyers.


I did last year and did it twice, They only asked me to give them my passport details, i sent them my passport image

They said carry on we will fix it in due time.


Okay, even if you mean well, many people try to falsify their country on their portal in the hopes of getting more sales if they are based in the US. (And not limited to.)

That’s the reason it should be a cause for concern.


How do you know they are doing this? Did they tell you or do you know them personally?

There are resellers on 5r.


OP writes in very fist post of this thread:


If i get some benefit out of getting them banned then i would do it but as it is i am not into doing things that dont benefit me while destroying their well paid for business.

They did make investments exceeding 100-200$


You’d sell your friends if you get paid properly? This topic doesn’t affect me, but I’d highly encourage you to think about your integrity.


Your moral compass is missing a magnet.


This doesn’t sound good. Who is Lindsey? Are you saying your profile shows the wrong country and wrong picture? How did you get your phone verified?



Me not getting something out of it was meant to be a sense of satisfaction not profit i have no need for money if i have no pride


What interest is that of yours? Its unrelated to topic.


Why not do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, regardless of it benefiting you or not?
The kind of behavior you are speaking about gives Fiverr a bad name and affects all of us indirectly.


Man you want me to rat on friends


Ok if its gonna help the community then i will tell you


What interest of that is yours?