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Might Just Be The Craziest Gig

** I’m very happy all the feedback. And YES, this Gig is valid. Please read disclaimer as I don’t do illegitimate reviews or authorize any unethical behavior. I follow all Fiverr policies and hope to help some new freelancers achieve their best **

Hi all, I’ve decided to really help first timers and give boost to existing Fiverr with my Gig to Create, Order and Review Your Gig.

I’m a digital designer and entrepreneurial consultant and I noticed lots of wary gigs and people trying to get somewhere nowhere fast. Getting an experienced business eye can make a difference between just a Fiverr hobby and the beginning of a digital career. My quick gig creation and branding and business / marketing skills made me switch to this focus and really help some new Fiverr entrepreneur on the way, as I’ve been doing with businesses of all sizes the past few years.

So if you’re ready to get started with some profit on a new gig or if you’d just prefer just a seasoned review(better be good :slight_smile: ) or a spruce to your page or profile I do that too. And I can get your traffic & SEO up with social media marketing(blog on the way). I give business consulting along the way, more or less as you’d like.

This is a great forum, let me know your thoughts. Order my Gig, if you want to get to the top in professional style :slight_smile:


BG @ StudioBassD

** NOTE: I’m a licensed educator and consultant, providing mentoring and authentic advocacy. I don’t do uninformed or advertised reviews. Best business advice is stick with what you’re good at. Underpromise & overdeliver. I give honest seal of approval to tested and reviewed candidates, as I am well skilled in several trades. Alas, just sharing for those serious about trying out to be or improve at being excellent entrepreneurs. **

You can check out the ToS Review section to see the validity of this offer.

For new sellers that haven’t made a sale be cautious about this gig if it stays up long enough to matter. When someone orders your gig Fiverr gets 20% of your funds, so you will only receive $4. If you buy this person’s gig you will have to spend between $5 and $5.50 depending on payment method, so you will lose money in the process.

As kjblynx mentioned, Fiverr is very likely to take the gig down if the seller does not do so voluntarily so this is not a good plan. Edit - I see the gig already has orders in queue. If you are one of the buyers you need to contact CS if the seller won’t refund your money. @studiobassd - please offer a cancellation and refund to these people before they get burned.

Thanks for sharing. I’m not that guy. I’m against unethical behavior more than anyone.

I’m not doing this for money, I’m an educator and consultant, and I haven’t heard a peep from Fiverr.

I can reword. But I basically have been talking to friends and lots were interested in starting, and if I know one thing about business, it’s that the best start with serious work for fellows and advocates.

I review it as a gesture of mentor.

I’m fully willing to backup any claim.

I don’t review anything I haven’t professionally examined. And actually, I do believe other Fiverrs should be able to peer review, only honestly as in advocating. I share who I am on each review.

Again my reviews are free. What I do is consult and create. Sorry the confusion, hope that’s clearer!

Reply to @fonthaunt: I’d be cautious of being quick to judge without actually knowing anything of who you’re talking about.

It took how many seconds to write this comment, when you could have actually examined my profile and made valid question.

Excuse any harshness back, but the Internet has allowed people to be way too fast to judge.

Reply to @studiobassd: It sounds like you are misunderstanding the issue. I don’t know of any rules against you having a gig to help people with their gigs in any way you please except one. You are promising to order their gig in return for a fee. This isn’t about ethics (alone) but about that single thing.

If you reword it to remove the promise to order and you want to order their gig to be nice, I doubt there is an issue with that either although only CS can tell you. Fiverr has to look at a lot of gigs so just because you haven’t heard a peep doesn’t mean you can do this. At least suspend it and ask CS if you care about your account and your buyers.

If you are as straightforward as you sound, why not check on it?

Reply to @kjblynx: Though I’ve done my research, I’ll look more into that. I’m just interested in offering consulting and providing honest advocacy. I’ve bought a few gigs lately with friends and I felt I really wanted the best, so reviewing myself is great way to finding and encouraging good skill & talent. If I don’t think the person is ethical in desiring honest consulting, I will reject the offer. Simple as that. I can change wording in future posts, but my disclaimers are self evident. Thx!

I’ll absolutely check on it. Thanks for clearing up.

Reply to @studiobassd: I don’t need to read your profile and I don’t think I’m being harsh at all. I read your gig description and it says that the buyer gets, among other things, "An order to your gig and review(hope you’re good at it)"

I was legitimately trying to keep you AND your buyer from potential account loss. I realize that my words may sound harsh because I warned people about the issue, but it wasn’t intended to be mean and you can take that or leave it. My comment can be edited and if you can show me that CS gave you permission to order gigs for a fee, I will. I responded quickly because I hoped to save some people from grief and if that makes you so defensive, sorry.


"Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance seller ratings, or to abuse the Fiverr platform with purchases from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts."

I’m not saying that all of this applies to you, but you are arranging a purchase of gigs from an additional account. If I’m interpreting wrong, it only takes a question to CS to find out for sure. That’s really all I’m trying to say and otherwise I don’t care how you make money on Fiverr. More power to you.

Aside from the technical issue of saying you will order their gig if they order yours…I think the one flaw in this gig is that you are not a super fiverr seller or have that many ratings on any of your other gigs. I think if you had successful reviews and lots of sales on your other gigs, then some people would think you would be credible to critique their Fiverr ad. But how can you if you don’t really have hardly any sales on all your gigs?

Now, if you are a business person and offering to critique their classified ads, such as those post on Fiverr or other sites, you could sell those services and just talk about your business success in general. But you have to give some stats to back it up. It’s kind of like a resume writer, unless the resume writer can say, I rewrote my clients resumes and now they are getting interviews when before they were not, then you have something there…get what I mean?

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Reply to @studiobassd: Hey, just so you can see that I’m not making this up, when this issue was kind of a new idea (it’s been tried since then too) someone posted it on the forum and people argued about whether it was worth the money but no one really knew if Fiverr would go for it. The guy did end up having his gig removed by Fiverr. You can read the thread if you wish. I read back a lot on the forums when I started out. This is just so you can lower your defenses and see that there is some backing.

Reply to @studiobassd: I’m good. My disclaimer makes sure to avoid the unethical exception.

:black_medium_small_square:To prevent any misuse of our Feedback system, all feedback reviews must come from legitimate sales executed exclusively through the Fiverr platform from users within our Community. Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance seller ratings, or to abuse the Fiverr platform with purchases from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts.

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Reply to @fonthaunt: Sure, I’ve absolutely reviewed and added disclaimer. I am within protocol. I will expressly refuse people who think I do anything other than legitimate consulting.

I’m fine watching out for Fiverrs, and I do appreciate comment–comments online are something that some make without this intention i.e. trolls. Alas, my disclaimer is there to let people who think they can break terms of service know that doesn’t fly.

Why don’t you order my gig? Having an licensed professional order your gig couldn’t hurt. Of course, I do believe your knowledge puts you at a higher level of scrutiny. I like the challenge myself.

Reply to @sincere18: I am new to Fiverr, but rising expert at digital entrepreneurship and I have several outside businesses, including an Entrepreneurial course I just completed. I’ve made thousands in Stock Photography online, and reaching six figures in professional work.

I am in no way afraid of the Fiverr challenge. I’m just quite busy, and am glad the opportunity to work with young professionals.

Reading Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” has all the more convinced me about Fiverr after months of contemplation. Making several gigs has given me a little exercise for working on my own websites and projects. So I think it’s super valuable. If I wanted to be wealthy, I would not go for a place like Fiverr.

When you become experienced in business, you will understand why richer people have more spare time and talk a lot. For me, I’m on my way, and I’ll take my chances if someone wants to be a better at business.

I may start offering business consulting services online though I’d probably charge lots more than Fiverr allows. My services on Fiverr are things of passion that help me complete my “community” service of sorts.

Thanks for comment!

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks. I am only checking FIverr in spare time. I wouldn’t be too worried about that. I dropped them a line. Alas, I’m quite happy my talent and success. If Fiverr doesn’t appreciate my presence on their site, I wouldn’t be phased. I see young mind and budding talent as precious. Especially in business. Though people think they need money or clients, what they truly need is character and values. I actually have a mission, and my spare time Fiverr gigs and online forums as this where I can impart wisdom is important to me cause it helps others, and helps make the world better. My pitch is a pitch, they’re meant to shock. Alas, I’ve learned my lessons in ethics a bit ago, and getting people on the straight and narrow is down deep a priority.

Young or old, people have valued my business insight. That’s something I’ve been gifted with, and I hope to spread that with good lasting values of success to boot.

Cheers, BG @ StudioBassD

Reply to @studiobassd: It’s all good. If nothing else, I’d like to create even more controversial gigs that make the ToS come alive. Business is about taking risks. But knowing which side of the line is the most important bit.

Some businesses can’t exist because people just made the line clay. I’m offering an inexpensive outsourced version of my business consulting, and I know it has value.

I didn’t really promote this service, as I haven’t done that online. I went with my gut, and it sounded great. Some people bit, and I’m listing it here.

Crafting it within the terms is good as long as it doesn’t get away from the innate beauty of business. It is what it is. Like advertising, we pay people to say good things about our products. The product’s goodness should be why people invest millions into the business being started. Alas, I’m even on the good and ethical side of this. I do five and six figure commercials and even there I have a line I won’t cross.

Trust me, when I say, this thing on Fiverr is special. Wall Street has the same elements and restrictions. I won’t lie that I wouldn’t spend way more time about SEC regulations in getting things off the ground on my next investment. However, I appreciate even this forum as the heart of good business is discussed.

Better business is essentially for a healthy market. The risks of business won’t go away. Young entrepreneurs try and fail everyday. If they go too far, they are young. Ethics is about training the young to do well at first. And an ethical way to consult a new business may just be a way to educate the learning or wary entrepreneur(PS also freelancing, as some are for first time offering their work as independent service). Thanks all for comments.

Reply to @studiobassd: Ok. Thanks for contacting CS. Even if you don’t mind if they ask you to remove the gig, you can make sure your buyers also don’t run into trouble. It would be disheartening for them to lose their new reviews though hopefully that won’t happen.

You are in good company on Fiverr with your personal satisfaction. While there are many budding entrepreneurs that are rough around the edges, there are also many successful sellers with long term experience.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I did say it might be crazy. Looking forward to pushing the boundaries and taking risks even more now.

Reply to @studiobassd: Thank you for the suggestion to buy your gig, but I really have no personal interest in ordering, especially after an unsolicited offer. I have paid for business consultations, so far on off-Fiverr work, but I wouldn’t pay anyone to purchase my services.

There are some sellers on Fiverr with thousands of sales that are forum regulars and they know Fiverr and freelancing very well. I’ve been lucky to get to know them and feel much more comfortable with their proven success. I have taken some of them up on offers of feedback as a professional courtesy (at no charge) and I’m happy with gradually putting that advice to work. Combined with my own education and 20+ years of experience working in corporate and university settings I feel content with where I am for now. If you need sales I understand but I am not looking for what you offer. Good luck!

Reply to @fonthaunt: All good mate.

Reply to @studiobassd: Entrepreneurs should be honest and clear about their target market. So all good. I’m willing to try services with several markets, but I do have ideal customer. Insight is still appreciated.