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Migration of old custom Wordpress theme to new Wordpress theme

For WordPress migration requires not only moving the WordPress script files from one place to another, but also a database. And you are not finished there. Even after moving both of these, your site won’t work. You need to get the WordPress script talking to the database.
If you are you planning to change your domain name or web-hosting service, let me take care of it and save you a lot of hassle.

I will carefully and completely move each and every bit of your current WordPress site to the new host or domain in a timely manner.

Including This Gig:

All the customization, plugins, databases
Register the Domain Name at the New Host
Download the files from the Original site
Download the Database from the Original site
Upload the original files to the new domain
Import the original database into the new domain
Edit the new wp-config.php file
Modify the DNS to Point to the Domain on the New Host
Checking the Domain after the Move

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