Mildly annoyed...but what the heck :p


I’m sure everyone has had the experience of a buyer saying something like “This is amaxing!” “Wow!”

…and left you a 4.5.

I know, 4.5 out of 5 is not bad ( in fact I think it’s pretty darn good), and I still have my 100% positive rating.

Not much to complain, I know, but it does make me wonder why.

I did message the buyer asking me if he can tell me what I could have done better so I can be more aware of

that for future orders, but so far no reply. Maybe he never will.

It’s not a big deal I know, but it’s one of those “mildly unpleasant” moments. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another “mildly” annoying story; a buyer contacted me. The last time I worked on a gig for him was maybe a year ago or so,

so it’s been a while. He told me that he would like, his description was clear, no problem. He did end his message though,

saying "What will be the total cost for all of this, for a returning/regular customer?"

I get it, he wants a discount. Sorry, I almost never give away discounts since I’m still doing the same amount of work, and it’s unfair for the other buyers who pay the whole amount. I guess I was annoyed by the way he asked. If he just said “is it possible to get a discount?” it would have been better. Well, maybe.

I guess I’d better end this with a more positive story, I got a pretty big tip from another seller the other day, and I got a Starbucks for myself and my best friend ( who introduced me to Fiverr.) I also got a cookie. Forget oatmeal, chocolate chip rocks!! :smiley: