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Milestone Cancellation Question

I started working with a client on a milestone order.

We completed 1st milestone and she approved it.

Now she has decided she wants to cancel the rest of the order.

She says she hasn’t been able to at her end and says
“The system is not allowing a partial cancellation and keeps sending me back to have the Seller cancel to cancel the gig. I just emailed the Support section for help to resolve the issue.”

I am reluctant to cancel the gig as I don’t want it to look like I pulled out. However, I would like this settled so I can get my money from the first milestone.



The same thing has happened to me (the buyer not being able to cancel from their end). I contacted CS and had them cancel the remaining milestones for me. As a seller, I could not request mutual cancellation of only a milestone and not the whole order. CS told me the buyer should be able to do it themselves, but she insisted she could not.

Cancellations aren’t specific to seller or buyer initiation. They just affect your completion rate no matter who does it. There’s really no way of avoiding that that I know of.

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My experience of milestones is that they are a whole lot more trouble than they’re worth. If an order can be conveniently broken up into 3 or more, create separate orders for all of them - that way you’ll avoid this kind of issue … and get paid quicker.