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Milestone Charges

Does Fiverr cost extra from buyers for milestones?:thinking::roll_eyes:

No. You set the price for each milestone. If you want to charge more for a project with milestones than you would for ones without, that’s up to you.


That is mean apart from the regular fee; they don’t charge a penny from buyers. Is it so?

Yes, that’s right. I think buyers will just have to pay the usual service charges.

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No they don’t charge extra, no. Why would they?


All right! One of my buyers has claimed that Fiverr has charged him more for splitting the order. That’s why I am concerned. Anyways, thank you for clarifying! :slight_smile:

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Tbh, you shouldn’t really concern yourself with payment issues (extra charges) that your buyer seems to be having. I’d just tell the buyer to contact CS. :slight_smile:

It is up to your buyer to contact Fiverr and clarify any issues they might have with payments, service charges, etc.


I just read the TOS it seems each milestone is paid for separately instead of 1 payment so it seems it should be the same as multiple normal orders in terms of payments.

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That makes sense. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I think it’s the “splitting the order” that would lead to multiple service charges, whether it was with milestones or normal orders.

So if I could have done something in 1 $100 order it should cost less in service charges than if it was split either into milestones or multiple separate orders (eg. 2 x $50 orders).

Where service charge will be “$2 on purchases up to $40 and 5% on purchases above $40”…

edit: though if it’s 5%, multiple 5% of smaller orders are going to be the same as one big 5% on the unsplit order. I think it should only work out more costly if it’s the $2 fee per smaller order?

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Well, that makes sense, but it shouldn’t in this way. I have contacted customer support for clarification. I will share their reply, as well.

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If the order is for $120, then surely it would be 5%.

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I agree it should be exactly the same then. eg. if they get charged 2x (5% of $60 milestones) that’s the same as 5% of 1x $120 order. Both being $6 in total.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

If an order is $100 it costs the buyer 5% so the total is $105. But if I split it into two milestones of $70 and $30, is the buyer going to pay extra $2 on the second milestone because it’s below $40? Technically the whole order is above $40, isn’t it? So isn’t it wrong to charge extra in each individual transaction within one large order? That de-incentivizes the buyer from agreeing to small milestones.