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Milestone: Competed 150 Reviews with 100% Rating. Few TIPS

Today I completed another milestone i.e 150 Reviews with 100% positive rating.

Want to share few TIPS and TRICKS for Sellers to maintain 100% rating and getting more sales.

  1. KEEP AVG. RESPONSE TIME LOW- Always reply to a message ASAP and keep your Response Time as low as 1 hour (Use Quick Response that is very helpful and save time).

  2. ALWAYS STAY ONLINE- Use Google Chrome extension “Easy Auto Refresh” which will refresh your Fiverr page automatically every 1-2 minutes and keep you online. Use Fiverr Mobile App when you’r away from computer/home.

  3. NEVER DELIVER AN ORDER LATE- For any reason, if you are unable to deliver on time, just mark as Delivered and tell buyer your genuine problem and ask for 1-2 day time. Trust me 99.99% buyers understand things happens in life.

  4. UNDER PROMISE AND OVER DELIVER- Never praise your own work. Ask buyer to look at your portfolio and order only if they life your work. Then over-deliver and buyer will leave 5 star review for sure.

I hope these few TIPS/TICKS will help you in getting more positive reviews.

A long way to go.

Cheers :slight_smile:


I don’t think your 3. is good advice, if you are not able to deliver the order on time, the right thing to do is cancel the order.

Hello, I am confused about your number 2. To try to appear to be online with an app that keeps refreshing your fiverr page, could you please clarify the reason?

There should never be a late order unless it is a situation such as the client orders an extra after the order is delivered or at the last minute.


Kudos on achieving that important milestone, and thanks for the great tips!

Very good. Inspired…

I only cancel the order when buyer don’t read gig info or order by mistake. Whenever I think I can complete the order and want 5-10 more hours then I deliver the order and politely asks buyer to give me more time. As i already mentioned, it works 99.99% for me. And then I over delivers in terms of free vector file or extra logo options and always get 5 star reviews. Providing exceptional customer service is my most priority.

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Hi, it’s an auto refresh google chrome extension which refresh webpages in desired time intervals. Our online status goes offline when we don’t refresh our fiverr page for 2-3 minutes. So this trick is for those sellers who wants to do other stuff on computer while remaining online on fiverr. Sellers don’t have to check and refresh fiverr every 5 minutes. Minimum Avg. Response Time is 1 hour so we can check fiverr within 1 hour and easily maintain 1 hour Response Time. Just sharing my experience, views can differ from person to person.

Regarding point 3, I have done that twice and buyer was very happy with end results.



Thanks :slight_smile:

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You can only promote your gigs on ‘My Gigs’ section.

I think honest communication with the buyer is still the best :slight_smile:

  1. NEVER DELIVER AN ORDER LATE- For any reason, if you are unable to deliver on time, just mark as Delivered and tell buyer your genuine problem and ask for 1-2 day time. Trust me 99.99% buyers understand things happens in life.

No. Definitely not. Sellers delivering empty orders and expecting customers to play along is a very bad strategy to avoid late delivery. The first reason this is bad is because the buyer has the right to refuse the delivery. This puts the ball back in your court and if you take too long to deliver the buyer can choose to cancel the order. It’s also bad strategy because this kind of sleight of hand is against the terms of service and will get you smacked by Fiverr.

If you can’t deliver your orders on time, then you need to extend the base delivery time. Or, just leave it as late and explain the problem to the client. As long as you do deliver the order and the customer leaves a positive review, the late delivery won’t count against you.

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Congrats and thanks for the tip#2

I agree James. As a buyer I would be upset if there was an empty delivery to avoid appearing to be late and an excuse. It is a frequent complaint here in the forums.

I agree with this.

Congrats, I was wondering about your number 3 tip and was a bit confused about your suggestion, then I saw the comments of others that suggest that what you are giving as a tip is wrong, if that is actually what you are doing why would you deliver an empty order and expect a buyer to complete it, that is bad.

I think your tips are little pearls of wisdom from a very successful fiverr seller ilovenish. Keep up the great work here!