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Milestone delivery - I'm confused right now?

Hi everyone.
So I just finished the 1st milestone of my very first delivery here,
and delivered it to the buyer.
Since I’m new to the platform and I’ve never used milestone orders in other places til now I’m kinda confused about how it works.
I’m checking my order page, and I wanna start on my 2nd milestone but it doesn’t tell me how I should deliver it.
The page only says ‘THIS ORDER WILL BE MARKED AS
So after 5 days will it just close?? Although I didn’t deliver the next one??
Or does it mean that after 5 days, 2nd milestone will start?
I’m confused whether I made a mistake while delivering the 1st milestone and just ended the whole order.
Please help me out, idk where to ask about this.

Also the buyer ain’t replying even though he was active on fiver…
would this be a bad omen :frowning:
Many thx!


The buyer must approve each milestone. Then, the order clock on the next milestone begins. You’ll get a Deliver button at that time. If they do not approve it within 5 days, it gets approved automatically. You can start the next section now, but cannot deliver it until the second milestone officially begins.

Oh that’s how it works! Thx finally understood
I was just worried, since I wasn’t sure what button I clicked at first xD
Wow so I got extra 5 days to work on more, that’s a good news!
Thanks so much melanielm, ppl like you make the community improve
Hope you have a great weekend!


I generally send a message to the buyer after a day or so to remind them about accepting the milestone so the next one can be started.

On the basis of never do work you’re not paid for, don’t start the next bit until the first milestone is accepted by the buyer. If it just automatically completes, you’ll get paid for that milestone but the subsequent ones will be cancelled.

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Oh Ok! That’s a great tip didn’t know that it could get cancelled
Some ppl say that if you send additional messages that might annoy the buyer, so I’m hesitating a bit. Guess I’ll rethink the option tmrw
Yeah u r right, never do work without guaranteed payments. I’ll bear that in mind
Thanks a lot coerdelion, you r the best xD