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Milestone: Earned $7130 with 283 Orders

Today we are completed one year and Earned $7130 with 283 Orders, we are very happy with Fiverr & Community Members :slight_smile:


how is that a tip for sellers? why is everyone bragging about milestones on the sellers tips section??

Can you give us some tips

Great!!Congratulations and keep it up!!

Luck! or being loved by someone from Fiverr staff… Else your gigs will not be listed by Fiverr in people’s searches…

How to make first sell?

Congrats… Keep it up your great work …

Great. Keep it up.

Congratulations but you are supposed to post it in ‘Fiverr Stories’.

How can you say that. You Can’t be happy for him?

wow how you feel now? Please tell me how you success in fiverr and how you get more sales?

Those kind of comments is one reason why I stay away from the forums for the most part. It seems every time I come in here there is some rude jerk who is basically so miserable with their own selves they have to come in here and be rude to others just to feel good. It is sad, but … True

oh woooowww Great!!Congratulations and keep it up!! :slight_smile:

You mistook my comment about people posting on the “sellers tips” category, about things that have nothing to do with tips. I am happy for everyone that is making progress on this platform. :slight_smile:

As for you @destinyrose, setting aside the fact that you just called me a jerk for no apparent reason, let me assure you that I am not at all miserable.

I’d just like to see this particular part of the forum to NOT be spammed with things that should be posted elsewhere.

If you can’t grasp how a forum works, I’m assuming this is not my problem? But if rational posts like mine keep you from coming here, then I will keep them up! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much:)

I think so :wink: ha ha ha lol

Thank a lot :slight_smile:

Just for the all seller boost :slight_smile:

Search result are totally dynamically some time showing top sellers gig or some time showing new seller gig