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Milestone is bad for freelancer

Milestone feature is only good for Fiverr and does not add any benefit to freelancer rather make delayed payment.
I feel it’s better to split order in parts and get separate order for individual units of work.

With milestone you only get paid for first milestone when all milestones complete or contract ended.
So if you have made 10 milestone for a very long project you get paid for first milestone when the complete 10 milestone is finished (or project ends).’

Milestone deliveries take 8 days for confirmation, while normal ones take 3 days.

It could be useful in certain cases but overall it’s not what you should choose when your orders can be split in parts and can be placed as separate orders.

Understood I never used that

I get your point, but it’s an optional feature. Why complain about something when you could just not use it?


No it’s a suggestion and expression of my Fiverr experience.

I do not see it clearly mentioned at any place that it takes 8 days to complete instead of 3.
I did that mistake so I am just expressing my view and giving my suggestion to other freelancers.
That is what forum is for.

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It’s mentioned in the ToS:

“A milestone is marked as Complete after it is delivered by the seller and then accepted by the buyer. A milestone will be automatically marked as complete if no acceptance or request for modification were submitted within 8 days after marked as Delivered, however, in such case the order will be stopped and all further milestones will be cancelled.”

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Well, you’re saying that it’s bad, so I’d say that’s a complaint.

I’ve never personally used it, but I can see how it might be useful for certain sellers. It’s better to have an option if it’s good for some people than not, no?

This was the Conclusion line.

And does not any benefit is not equal to it is bad.

That’s my point exactly! If it’s useful in certain cases, then it should exist as an option. And if it should exist as an option, then there’s no point in saying that it’s “bad for freelancer”, because it’s not even bad for all freelancers.

If a major condition is not in par with regular terms of the site it should be mentioned on face of that feature.
Probably on the create offer page itself.

A lot of people will only come to now about that 8 day thing only after they used that feature.

Lol, I just said do not opt it.

I never said it should not exist.
I never said it is bad, but not every option that exist should be opted.
And not everything that does not add any benefit to you should not exist.

I don’t now if you are even reading it properly.

What do you mean by “opt it”?

If some people get benefit out of an option, then is there any reason why no one should use it?

So…this option doesn’t add any benefit to you, but it still deserves to exist? That’s exactly my point as well. I just don’t understand why make such a big statement in your title about how bad it is if it still deserves to exist.

Where did you find it?

I am checking this page and do not see it.

ok Sorry for expressing my Fiverr experience

I am a bad writer, but I still deserve to write.
A person can be a bad person, but it doesn’t mean he should die.


No prob, dude.

It’s okay if it’s your experience, you just titled your post as if it were every freelancer’s experience, which is clearly not true :no_mouth:

Fiverr’s ToS (Terms of Service), like I said. Scroll down to Seller Features.