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Milestone Order Cancellation

Hello everyone. So seller and I decided to mutually cancel the order because seller can’t deliver. There was no other way to cancel but to contact support which I did more than 2 days ago. They haven’t done so yet. How long does it take for them to take action? I also have hard time understanding why would someone confirm multiple times that can deliver and then out of the blue just say that she can’t. Highly irresponsible behavior.


I had the same situation (Not with milestone order), but our order was cancelled as I confirmed support to cancel it. I would suggest you to wait, but since it’s now 2 days you should approach them again.

They recommend not to open multiple support tickets because that prolongs their time to take action. Is there any contact number support can be reached at?

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CS Is severely understaffed right now, and some people have reported the wait time is up to 7-10 days.


You should stick with the ‘Resolution-Center’ in the order.

Oh my! 7-10 days??? It can be right.

Resolution center doesn’t provide needed solution.