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Milestone payment - when does money come through

I have my first gig that has milestones.
I have finished my first milestone and it has been approved.
Do I receive the money now or do I wait until the gig is over?

I can’t find where it says the money is ready.


For the amount to show up in “pending clearance”, you’ll have to wait for the order (all milestones) to be approved. Or if for some reason your client decides not to move forward with next milestone and that milestone is cancelled, you get paid for the completed milestone.


So I do not receive any monies until the gig is completed?

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That’s right. You don’t get paid until all the milestones are completed.


It is explained here:


I no longer do milestones for the reason that you do not get paid until the milestones are all completed. I would much rather break the job into gigs and get paid as I finish them.


This is really helpful as i am also facing same situation.

Whats the point of the milestones if in the end seller gets paid after the whole order is completed?

I assumed that 2 weeks clearance starts after milestone completion. Now I just realized thats not the case.

I dont see the point of the milestones then. Separate orders would be better

That is why I never do milestones.

My case was a weird one. I had a gig split in two milestones. I completed both and fiverr showed that i earned $208. The weird part is only the first milestone cash came on pending clearance, the other got stuck at expected earnings. The buyer said he had approved all.

Yes, I have the same problem. My first milestone is on Funds Pending Clearance status, but my second milestone fee doesn’t show up anywhere. The status of the order is completed. I’m sending request on fiverr help and hope for the best. I will never use milestone system again. I hope I can get my money. :frowning:

Hi, did they solve your problem? The same thing is happening to me!


Yes, they did. just send a ticket to CS, they replied my message in 5 days and resolve my problem in 2 days. It’s a system error.

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