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Milestone Project

I have a quick question here.

If I set up a milestone project with 3 milestones inside.
If I finished the 1st milestone will I be able to start working on the 2nd milestone and 3rd milestone right away?

I’m not too fond of milestones because you do not get paid until the last milestone is completed. It is better to offer instead to break the order up into parts and make an offer for each part. Then when that part is done, delivered, and accepted by the buyer, you get paid. If the buyer is happy, you continue; if he is not, then you are done. Note point 6.

With milestones, I believe it is best to wait until the milestone is accepted before you continue, or if the buyer quits and wants to end the order, you will have worked for naught.

I merely tell my buyer that I want to break the large order into smaller orders to see if we are a good fit for one another.

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