MILESTONE - Reached 500 Positive Reviews :)


Finally, after over a year on fiverr, we (me and my partner/girlfriend) have reached 500 Positive reviews :slight_smile:

ALL the reviews were of 5 stars, except for our 499 review, which was left by an incompetent client who requested things we were simply not offering or able to do, hence he left a 3.7 star review…
Really through us off the high horse, but what can you do really… After the update, fiverr is quite stubborn about removing reviews, so we made peace with it :slight_smile:

This is truly a milestone and a happy occasion for us, as fiverr is our full time work place :slight_smile:

Thanks lovely community, for being a part of this awesome platform !


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Way to Go! I remember when 25 reviews was a huge milestone! I am so happy for you!


Thanks a lot friend :slight_smile: