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Milestone System


I think fiverr should add a milestone system

For example :

If there is a big project lets take 1k$

So the seller completed 20% of work the buyer should released the payment upto 20% not the complete amount for the project

I think it will be very useful for seller and also buyer for some big project

Thank you


I disagree. That is something other freelance sites do, and it is annoying. I like that the money is paid, and once you complete the job, it starts to clear. To see the clearing process take less than two weeks would be a win.



I also disagree with this opinion


You could use a milestone system also for that.


A BIG NO! (20 characters)


People break big orders into small sections here…I guess that’s equilant to milestone…


@djgodknows How do you convince your clients to break down orders into smaller bits?

For those that don’t know what it’s about;