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Milestones cancel at stage 2, No paid at all 1

Hi, Sellers, I have a big question, a client and I decided to cancel a order on milestone 2

We thought this would make the first part appear in my clearance. But no, the client was refunded part 2 and 3 and the part 1 is missing on both him and me.

the first milestone was indeed completed and accepted. and he has shown interest in getting me paid the first part but so far it’s missing on both parties.

Also it appears in my earning list
-560 Cancelled Payment Refunded to Buyer
-560 Cancelled Payment Refunded to Buyer

The first 2 milestones were for 700, and the 3rd one for 800
Which means it appears as both milestones were deducted both the one I completed and the one I was working on.

I recommend all users to avoid using milestones system it’s very draconian and horrible for freelancing.

Talk to CS about it - it may be the client cancelled the whole thing … or it may be a bug.

Attach screen shots of your discussion with the client - that will help

Thank you for your reply Coerdelion, I absolutely did it, no response yet.
The Order appears as Canceled, 1st part completed, 2nd canceled and 3rd stopped.

and as I said it seems the first part is missing from him and me.

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Keep us updated - and good luck

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This really needs clarification! Fiverr does say that when a milestone is stopped you will get paid complete ones THIS however is when the client decides TO STOPPED IT at the milestone deliver, Canceling WILL Refund EVERYTHING to the client.

At this point I’m grateful the client is very serious and is interested in getting me paid, however be wary, Anyone who cancels can just run away with your work and money, I think fiverr should EXPLAIN this very well about the difference in canceling and Stopping a milestone, and having a Customer support for that. As the only option it appears is cancelation anyone can get confused.

Also I would never recommend now a milestone gig It’s very draconian system and doesn’t work well for freelancers.


Well, I’m doing a milestone project with a buyer at the moment … he’s inclined not to respond, which is mildly irritating. So far so good though - the first milestone has been accepted and the second one delivered.

But I agree that it’s not the best way of doing business … and the whole stop/cancel thing is confusing for everyone …