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Milestones or several Custom Offers, which is preferable for New Sellers?

Hello everybody! I’ve been around on Fiverr for a couple of months, but I haven’t had any experience working with Milestones yet. I was wondering whether a seller gets feedback and rating each time a milestone is completed or only once as soon as the whole project has been finished.

With that being said, given that the whole project is made up of many milestones and, thus, takes quite some time to deliver, do you think the Milestones feature is something New Sellers should avoid in favour of a series of ordinary Custom Offers? What’s the preferable strategy? Thanks!

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I haven’t used the milestones myself, but from what I gathered it’s almost always better to go with different custom orders.

You’d only received 1 review at the end of the full order, as you should, but the payment for each milestone is only made available to you at the end of the order, so you wouldn’t be paid until you complete all milestones, while when using different orders you’d receive payments as you complete the tasks.

This is the one reason that has kept from even trying out the milestones feature. If you search for “milestones” here in the forum you’d probably be able to get more information about it


This may be helpful to you:


Your newness as a seller isn’t a factor.

It is about what is most suitable for your client’s needs and the nature of the project.

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