Milestones - when do you get paid?


When you have got a gig and have 3 milestones eg today, 10 days from today, 10 days after that - when do you get paid ?

I was under the perhaps incorrect impression you got paid when the buyer okayed each milestone. eg if my buyer okayed a milestone today, I’d then see it in my pending payments that would be clearing say 14-17 days from today.

I am thinking if this is NOT the case, three separate orders would have been more logical for me to do.

Also - I completed the first milestone today 5 days earlier than the actual first milestone, and it said it would be processed or something like that in 5 days. (Not the usual 3) This was before the buyer okayed the order. Is there some stupid fiverr thing where I’d get paid after that (ie it would go through the normal clearing process after 5 days?)

The only other way out of this seems for the buyer to end the gig and then I get paid what they’ve okayed, but seems so stupid and annoying and pointless to have them in the first place if this is the case of having to wait. (?)

ps between this and the way fiverr does it’s levels, i have a headache. (the levels is a whole nother story)


it happens to me also


You will receive amount in “Pending Clearance” once you complete all the milestones.


Yep. There’s not much value in milestones right now.
Outside of Fiverr, I ask for 50% deposit before I start working and I get that right away. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get the licenses. In Fiverr I often need to invest my own money and hope that the buyer doesn’t cancel or ask buyers to purchase their own licenses which is a rather difficult task for some :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone, how depressing.
Oh I love fiverr.


Then what is the benefit of milestones?


Let’s say there are 2 milestones. You deliver the first one and your client approves it. You deliver the second one and you client isn’t happy with second milestone delivery. If you decide to cancel the order, fiverr will refund amount of 2nd milestone only. You will still receive amount of 1st milestone.


ok. thank you very much


I have order of 3 milestone. Buyer approve first 2 milestone but he refuse to approve 3rd milestone as he want more work in free. If i cancel the order then can i get payment of first 2 milestone.?

What i do in this situation as he just give me revisions to get free work and refuse to complete the project if i will not do his work.


Instead of cancelling it straight away try to tell your client that why, what he is asking for will cost extra and what he is doing (using revision button to get more work done) is against fiverr’s ToS. I would suggest you to explain everything before you request cancellation.

Yes, if you end up cancelling the order, you will be paid for completing first 2 milestones. Amount of 3rd milestone will be refunded to your client.


I have already discussed with buyer and also concat fiverr support but they mail me that they can’t do anything in this case.

I am really frustrated and want to cancel order as i have waste my lots of time to give him revisions. He want more features in free that i can’t.


Hi, Thank you for asking.

In my account, there is no milestone options yet. I think those are still in the beta mode