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Milestones - when do you get paid?

im affraid , i will not use anymore milestones to be more safe. For me its not looking safe … will be more cancel than before.

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Dear all,

I am new to Fiverr, I have 3 milestones each 1 for 5 days, I have completed 1st milestone delivered before the delivery date and started working on other 2 milestones as well. But in Fiverr, still no options to start the second milestone. Could you please help me to understand how can i start progressing on milestone 2 and 3 or at least 2.?


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I would recommend not using milestones until Fiverr fixes the issues, You don’t get paid for completing a step of the milestone which is unfair as Upwork pays after each step, I charge monthly rates and use milestones as an easier way to continue recurring customers without setting up a new order every month but in Fiverr i wont get paid until we completely end so im basically working for free.


Its very helpful for everybody

thanks for sharing !

Hi I sent the work on milestone 1 and the client asked to proceed to milestone 2, but I saw milestone 2 that says not started so I told him to accept the first milestone. but he said that he didn’t understand and asked how can i complete the order?

I answered maybe he opened it in the mobile app, so I suggested he open it on the web (he hasn’t read my message) but I wonder if that is the problem? or is there another possibility?

After reading this, I’m anxious about my first milestone order. I hope my buyer is smart enough to figure out paying milestones 2 and 3, and also a good person with a kind heart to actually pay it as agreed. And once this order is complete, I’m never doing milestones again no matter how big the project is! If the buyer wants milestones I’ll just make it separate orders. Safer that way.

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Hey guys, any idea why I was paid 360$ (Milestone 1) and 240$ (Milestone 2) for the order (900$) that was divided into two same amounts (450$ and 450$ each)? Due to the client’s inactivity, the order was completed halfway through. I still received money (600$) but not the full amount I am entitled to which after Fiverr 20% should be 720$. Why is that, does anyone know? Thanks, appreciate any input…

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Hi There
I am new here can you explain me what is Milestone payment?

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Thank you so much for this link.

Can someone confirm he or she get paid for completed milestones and the order was canceled by buyer