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Millions of FROUD SELLERS at fiverr?


all the best :dizzy:



Better you can change this post title to “MILLIONS OF PROUD SELLERS AT FIVERR” because there are millions of good sellers here, and only few hundreds of Fake or Fraud sellers with multiple accounts who steals work from other genuine sellers or from internet and using for their profile or gig images.

There are Many Genuine sellers here and they always take care of each and every buyer with professional communication and respect. Most of the sellers here offering quality services and they are purchasing licensed images, fonts, music or videos when they are using for their clients/buyers. They know how to work professionally and how to take care of their buyers.

There are MILLIONS TRUSTED GIGS here. The buyers has to spend some time like reading gig description, watching their previous work or read the reviews with the sellers and consider their delivery time. If the buyer has any doubt first contact the seller with what ever the doubts regarding their service.
This is the best way to find good sellers and quality work.

Again i am requesting you to dont criticize ENTIRE FIVERR PLATFORM because of few fraud sellers. Fiverr has started the elimination of Fake accounts. Recently they started Phone verification and it is a mandatory process for every seller, with this action so many FRAUD SELLER accounts will gone. They started the process to maintain clean and trust worthy freelancing platform for both buyers and sellers.

Sales have completely dried up

Google search does not tell you if the image is legal or not. For example. I could buy a royalty free image from shutter stock to use on one of my projects. This is perfectly legal. After I use the image for the project, the buyer puts the project on the internet and google indexes the project which means it is going to show up in Googles search. So again, just because an image shows up on google search doesn’t mean the image is not legal.


That’s legal, true.

But what if you state that you have created that image from scratch?


If I created an image from scratch for a project I’m doing for a buyer and again if the buyer uploads the project to the net and google indexes it, that doesn’t mean I did not create it from scratch. The fact something is on google doesn’t make it illegal. What is illegal is if someone copied and used the image I created from google and used it as there own. But as the creator I probably have no idea nor the time to police who is and who is not copying my images from google. Heck, I get people stealing my videos right here on Fiverr and I only find out about it by accident. I doubt if many people have time to police google to see if others are using their images or not.

My point is that just because something is indexed by google and it is on googles search engine no mater if it was created from scratch or bought on shutter stock it doesn’t make it illegal. Buyers upload the projects I create for them on Fiverr to the internet all the time be it their blog, to forums, to their own websites,etc. If it is uploaded to the net, google is bound to index it.


Report them to customer support. You can file a ticket to have their gigs taken down.


I am a seller with 3 years of experience here on Fiverr.

Over that period, I have found about 10 people stealing my portfolio and gig descriptions. Like they said above they might be the very same person. Just my tip would always do searches, read the reviews, do a reverse image search on google and if you think that is necessary you can always contact the buyer.

Till now as a buyer, I’ve bought only 3 services, all of them were from buyers that delivered original work which was awesome.


Wait…maybe you are asking me if they stated that they created a shutterstock image from scratch…if that is the case, that is a big no no.


Yes, that’s what I’m asking. Because that’s what happens.


TIP: Add your logo/fiverr name on all your gig images.


The “PSD” files from some of the gig photos I have are in my old PC.

If I download them and put the watermark in photoshop, then the photos lose quality. :frowning:

My main ones have my watermark, but it doesn’t stop people from downloading and using them.


So why wouldn’t you be happy that another seller is promoting you on their portal? :wink:


Some of them actually got orders, and many buyers would think that I was the guy that scammed them.


I totally agree with you. There are loads of fake sellers out here. There are also genuine ones.

The thing is, buyers often fall into the traps of these fake ones so often for many reasons.
Majorly is, buyers nearly always want their jobs done ASAP regardless of the complexity of it. You will find a buyer wanting to translate 10,000 word document from English to Spanish (or vice versa) within 24 hours. Many fake sellers will opt to do so (besides, they can use Google translate to get it done within a few minutes). Those, who really do this translation naturally, knows that it should take about 3-4 days to do so. But buyers don’t see it that way.

This also applies to all other services.

So choose your sellers wisely.


Look for someone that has their own gig video like mine.


Okay Guys - I found few trusted Sellers.

I wanted to buy several gig from different sellers and I want to add Revenue in Fiverr balance before purchase any gig.

Is it possible? How to do?

I’m just asking this because - When i gone to buy a gig - There was showing $5 cost in gig But When payment proceed - There is 1$ extra charge for processing FEE.
And Other gig purchase
gig was showing $50 cost in gig But When payment proceed - There is 5$ extra charge for processing FEE
So I don’t understand - What is method of processing FEE charge.


Hi there.

Note: All purchases are subject to a processing fee, $1 on purchases up to and including $20 and 5% on purchases above $20.

This is a quote from following link, if you take a look at that page, you can find very useful info like that and more in the left side menu there. :four_leaf_clover:


OPPS - I never think about it. 20% processing fee charges on $5 gig and 10% processing fee charges on $50 - "I don’t know"
Also Fiverr don’t have any option to ADD MONEY IN FIVERR WALLET before purchase any gig :slight_smile:

Better to be Ask to Fiverr CS


It is not possible to do normally but you can try out the Fiverr Team Account and top up there.
You can read about how in this post by @taverr


this is true , i see also that type of accounts