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Mind helping me out? :D

I’m new at Fiverr but I want to grow big. Could you guys check out gig? Let me know how I can improve, thanks :smile:. Maybe consider buying.

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Welcome. Your gig needs a lot of work my friend. Follow this article and try to optimize your gig as best as possible. Study your top competitors and differentiate, add bonuses, make your offer better. Good luck :muscle:

Thank you for your review!! I will improve my gig

@kaylaedits have a look at the description on your profile. A client will never hire any newbie freelancer, he has a lot other options. When your client looks at your description, he has to think you’re unique, professional and reliable. So, you have to write your description like that, and prove yourself a little more smart and confident. Write something that will give your client a reason to hire you. Describe yourself as an expert, not newbie. All the best wishes.
(I’m new in the marketplace too)

But if you think you are really a newbie and don’t have enough skill to do jobs given by clients, it’s better to improve yourself first.

Yes, thanks for the advice! :smile: