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Mind The Gap 9!

I am seeing many posts about getting sales. It took me 3 months to get my first sale, and that was three years ago when Fiverr was not as large and popular as it is now. Putting a gig up does not mean you will get a sale the next day. It may take time to get that first sale. Thus, mind the gap in between establishing a Gig and your first sales. How long did it take you to get sale one?


According to my experience it took 3 days to get my first sales.
But after that i am getting nothing

About two weeks and all that I have gotten since then have been orders I got through buyer requests. I have plans/ideas for changing my gigs, and I also plan to write the three more I am allowed as a new seller. I noticed that the more gigs a seller has, the more they seem to appear in the first pages of the results from the “Find services.” search box.

Okay, for me it took me one-day for my first sale, but back in the days “fake” Amazon reviews were in a huge demand. For the design gigs, it took a lot more, maybe a few weeks to get my first sale.

If you are new on Fiverr, you should have the best buy option, great quality for a great price, after you start getting more reviews you can increase your rates.


That was/is legal? I have often wondered why some Amazon reviews are labeled as “verified Amazon Buyer” and others were not. That may explain it.

Nope, of course, it wasn’t legal, but nobody cared three years ago. Then Amazon started banning accounts and reporting gigs, and it came to an end.

I actually offered verified purchase reviews. My clients were providing me with a coupon code, I was ordering their product, and then after a few days or weeks, I was reviewing the product. But nowadays it is hard, I don’t say impossible, but it’s harder for fake reviews on both amazon and yelp.

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23 Hour , after I 1st publish my gig. I got this project from Buyer Request. :wink:
It was in October 2015.

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I had a review gig when it was allowed to, and that sold well. Be careful on Amazon and other sites. Sellers hire people to write fake reviews. Buyer request are great for new sellers. I have had some great long term clients through that.

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It took 2 weeks to receive the first order back in 2012 :slight_smile: