Mind your words


Just sharing an experience and I ordered a gig for a logo. Somehow the seller didnt get the briefing I sent twice. Strange enough he got the rest of my other posts. Anyway, obviously something went wrong and I got the impression he was blaming me. In my timeline my briefings were visible, not in his. Because of the deadline and his reputation (he says) he got more and more annoyed. By accident I pushed the wrong button when he wanted the cancel the order (which would be okay for me), so the order stayed for another day. Now I quote some words he wrote : “goodmorning dippshit” and “people like you are pissing great designers like me off”. And: “you couldn’t explain to a six year how to get to the shop i’m sure”, “you probably not very IT minded”. And: " Can you find your way around a toaster? I doubt!". Even after I told him canceling was okay and I was not blaming anyone. The order is canceled, but maybe Fiverr or the buyer could rate conversations/communication as well. Online yelling is cheap, easy and unacceptable, nomatter who’s right or wrong.




Sorry to hear about your experience. There is no excuse for words or behavior like this.

Have you reported this to Fiverr CS?


Yikes! I am so sorry to hear about this! I hope you sent a message to Customer Support with screenshots attached. This type of language is unacceptable.


Name and shame


I would report.no need for attacks. People who act like this usually get walked all over in the real world. So they feel tough behind a computer.it’s a sad society the internet is creating. What even more sad is the people getting killed over what there saying one. I know this is not the case but just the big picture


It doesn’t matter if seller is TRS, Level2, Level1 or a new one: this behaviour is unacceptable here and you must report him to Customer Support!

Please remember that you won’t be notified about the actions taken on him (for privacy reasons) but be sure that it won’t be tolerated!

To keep Fiverr clean and a good place where selleing and buying, we should help Fiverr team to discard bad apples…

That said, I cannot verify if you are telling the whole truth on the post (we should listen to seller too maybe) but what you show is enough for us…


Thanks for all your comments. Of course Mark, always good to listen to the seller as well and read the whole conversation. I don’t think though there’s any rude language on my side which justifies this. Naming and shaming (besides prohibited) is not my intention. If this is his structural behavior (online and maybe offline) when things don’t go smoothly as desired or hoped for, he will feel the consequences. For now, I will drop his name among my friends who I know are using Fiverr a lot and warn them. The same I do when promoting some sellers. And inform Customer Support. I just don’t understand, given probably good designers quality, why somebody is digging his own grave by keep accusing somebody else without even keeping the possibility open something else just went wrong somehow; in stead of taking on all of his former built up frustation like this in a split second. So foolish but nothing new unfortenately: join the world-:wink:


No worries @madmoo-;), there are a lot of really good sellers out there!-:wink:


Really BAD…