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Mini calendar on Dashboard for deadline


Hi Doers,

How bout Fiverr site implements a mini calendar on the dashboard, that show deadline for order. I knew we have notification when to deliver, but it would be nice to see it in visual.

something like this perhaps, within sync to Google or Apple calendar


just my 2 cent, comment if you like it :slight_smile:


not required…Clock with red mark is enough for the warning.


Actually, I prefer the countdown timer better.


The idea is not to replace the countdown timer but to include a responsive calendar on the dashboard where you can find the due dates for your orders. Remember that the timer on the dashboard is static and requires you to refresh it to keep in touch with it. I think I love the idea…


yes it is, I not saying replace the timer, but instead adding mini calendar as visual reminder on left side on dashboard, same like outlook/Gcalendar works,

in Fiverr app you can add order deadline to google calendar, also could set the when you want to be remind about things related to order, so maybe fiverr web can add that also

perhaps it’s too difficult to be added :confused:


I like this idea! Anything to help us fullfill the orders on time is welcome:wink::wink:


Lovely idea! :pineapple:



Great Idea, if they can implement without any hassle and bugs…


I´d like that too. The app does something similar, I can add a deadline to my Google calendar there.


that will look good but i think it will occupy more space.


Yes, bit full on page, but I guess below the “learn to manage task” on left below is sweet spot