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Minimal age to get paid

Hello. I have a question about getting paid as a seller. I have seen that the minimal age is 13, but in my country it is not allowed to work and get paid before your 16, so am I still allowed to work and get paid if I am under 16 (but over 13) ?
Thanks for your help.

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The laws of your country would be the prevalent laws of which you need to be mindful. If you are not allowed to work, or be paid – in your country – before age 16, then you will have to abide by those laws. Fiverr’s policies do not negate your local laws.


And what about And if it is not explained anywhere if selling online services is prohibited in my country before I turn 16, how do I know if I am allowed to do so ?

You said:

…so you obviously know the laws in your country.

I do not advise that you try to find a way around those laws, just so you can work on Fiverr. Perhaps it might be beneficial for you to develop some professional skills, and then, when you are old enough to work on Fiverr, you can use those skills to earn some income.

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. Having gigs on Fiverr does not guarantee that you will make any money, and someone, such as yourself, who is underage, will likely have a challenging time connecting with buyers who seek professional sellers.

Please abide by your national laws. If they say you can’t do something until you are of a certain age, then you will have to abide by that. Fiverr will likely still be here when you turn 16.


From what I understand of the laws in France, it is illegal to be EMPLOYED before the age of 16 (with some exceptions) but with Fiverr you are not employed by anyone.

From 14, it is possible to do short periods of light holiday work, of a kind suitable to the child’s age (not, for example, working in a bar), as long as the parents’ permission is given. They can only work during holiday periods of at least 14 days and the child must have at least half the holiday off. Therefore a Saturday job would not be possible under 16.

I quoted the above from another website but regardless of the law, I would always suggest U16s would inform parents and ensure they are supportive. You will likely need them to get paid from Fiverr as you need to be 18 to have a Paypal or Payoneer account anyway so keep that in mind too.


To add to the above … you can work here on Fiverr if your country allows it. However, neither Payoneer nor Paypal will allow you to open an account with them until you are 18.

So you could only buy stuff on Fiverr, not in the shops …

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You can use the PayPal of someone that is over 18.