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Minimum age to sell on Fiverr

Im not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, But i am 15 and am selling on Fiverr. I have to go through the ID verification process to continue. Since i have none of the ID’s required, since im under 18, my mum has attempted to verify with her ID. This is fine with me as i dont mind the account being in my mums name. Is this ok? And what is the minimum age to sell on Fiverr.



Yes, you need to be 13 or older, so you’re fine. The whole purpose of verification is to ensure that you’re the person running your account, so I’d check with Customer Service to see if providing a driving permit or school ID would be fine.


Fiverr ToS (that you should READ):



Thanks for this. I only want the account under my mums name since i havent got any valid ID, since im under 16/18. She would manage the account, etc I would work on it. The only ID i have is a debit card and a birth certificate. But i have 0 photographic ID. So im unsure as what to do. I have seem forum posts of parents controlling/running the account whilst the minor does the work for the gigs. My mum would be in full control :slight_smile:

Already tried this, theyre of no help and just said you need one of the 3 and goodbye.

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Depending on your country, there’s a possibility of getting a government-issued ID for a minor. There’s also the option of getting a passport.

Yes you are correct in a sense. A government issued passport costs around £60 and any other other.of ID requires a photographic ID to order them. So I would have to spend 60 pounds as a 15 year old to get.a passport I would use once for Fiverr

completely ok. their is no issue in that

Well according to their customer service (who are awful with helping) They have said that I am trying to misrepresent myself and that i have to be 18? So i honestly have 0 clue


I applaud young entrepreneurs, and I’m thrilled to hear that you’re considering the current costs! A passport is a valid ID for many, many things, not just Fiverr.

Source: What Other Uses Does a Passport Have? | Passport Health

I just dont see a point getting a passport i cant afford at the moment, to maybe get somewhere with Fiverr, which is a very slim chance. I would gladly use my mums temporarily till i can afford a passport, or another piece of photographic ID. Then buy my own with the money I earn from Fiverr, but their support wouldnt understand this :slight_smile:

Okay, I see your point. Is there any way you can earn the money first? (Extra chores, mow a neighbor’s lawn, shovel a few sidewalks, rake up leaves, sweep a stairwell, wash some windows?)

Well to say England is in lockdown no :smiley:

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Those last five are outdoors. There’s zero need to interact with people face-to-face. Print or write out a simple:

Hi, I’m [kiansniper], and I’m trying to earn a bit of spending money.
I can
mow your lawn for $5
shovel your front sidewalk for $3
rake up leaves for $2
sweep a stairwell of debris for $1
wash exterior ground-floor windows for $2

Due to the lockdown, meeting me could be hard, but I can take regular old phone calls at [ _ ] and video calls at [ _ ].
A kid trying to advance

Obviously, you’d have to adjust the pricing for your currency, and you would need to have access to supplies and disposal but maybe… 300? 400? Yeah, 400 copies and going around the neighborhood to put on that many doors sounds about right. Even if you only get 5%, that’s 20 paying tasks.

This may sound weird, but I chose to do something like Fiverr, as i was looking for online jobs, since I dont like social interaction. So online stuff its just a voice if you get me, I do the work send them it and get paid. I mustve looked for hours for online jobs and the only decent one/not a scam was Fiverr.

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Hate to tell you, but Fiverr is PACKED with scammers.

I get it. I’m an introvert too.
You know the saying, “if you want something done right…” ? I’d suggest, if you’re committed to working online, setting up your own social media presence. Your own page.

What i mean is, other “jobs online” like taking surveys etc, usually require either 1000s of hours to make little money or they are just total scams. Atleast on a place like Fiverr there is some type of protection

Im thinking about setting up my own website, I have the knowledge to host the site, etc. And im passionate about tech so i can learn the languages necessary or use Wordpress :slight_smile:

Curiosity: what kind of service were you thinking of offering on Fiverr?

Good! Knowing how to make and manage your own page is an excellent start.

This may sound childish, but Creating minecraft servers, Ive always loved minecraft and got into the BTS of the game/servers as such a few years ago.

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