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Minimum amount for withdrawl

What is the minimum amount to withdraw from Fiverr. I have $60, but Fiverr is saying, “You don’t have enough gains for withdrawal.”

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If you type “minimum withdrawal amount” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.

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Is your current 60$ in main balance or waiting for clearing ??
You can check this article.

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minimum amount for withdrawal is only 8USD

If your fund available in your account, then you able to withdraw. Fiverr minimum withdraw is $4. But every time you need to pay fiverr to withdraw money in your bank.
If you withdraw to papal, then charge 2% of the sum withdrawal amount up to $1.
If use Fiverr Revenue Card, then $1* within 2 days, or $3 within 2 hours.
If use Local bank transfer $3 per transfer.
If use direct deposit, then $1 per transfer.

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Hello brother, greeting,

I have recently withdrawn $33 using Fiverr Revenue Card and I got $33 on my Payoneer a/c, I have not paid any additional fees.

You are a lucky man, sometimes fiverr gift this charge some fiverr revenue card user. For this reason fiverr don’t charge for you.