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Minimum amount to withdraw with payoneer

hi there
fiverr shows me $20 is minimum amount to withdraw from payoneer
but i have only $16
how can i withdraw

To earn 4$ more and withdraw after that. Not sure what do you expect us to tell you if fiverr already showed you that minimum withdraw is 20$. People in the forum can’t change that :woman_shrugging:

not this is not my answer
if you have suggestions please tell me

I already told you that if there is a minimum amount of 20$ set up to withdraw your funds then no one can change it. No matter how many times you are going to ask it and no matter if you are going to say that “it’s not the answer I want.”

I can’t come to a bank and ask to give me 20million dollars and say that it’s not what I want to hear when they reject my application.

If you don’t want to wait for 20$ to withdraw your money through payoneer you can use PayPal if it’s allowed in your country. If not then you have no other choice but to earn 20$ and withdraw 20$.


thanks its right answer

Withdraw it with paypal

oh thanks i will do this
but i dont know how to accept money in paypal

Just add you paypal email thats all !

Fiverr already mentioned that to you i guess :slight_smile:

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ok thanks i can contact you on fiverr please