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Minimum Buyer Request Showing

Hello, Please see in the attachment, I am getting 7 Buyer requests but it shows only 3, Is there anybody who can explain why this happening?


Same!!! I guess it’s a bug or smth.

the balace 4 orders is copleted so why it is not shows. dontworry. good wished for your fiverr achievement… be patient and can earn more

how it’s completed it’s still shows as active? what i thought the rest requests are not matching to my skills? Maybe… ! Still looking for answer

Not agreed, its not a Bug because its showing active.

The rest are PAUSED or DELETED by the buyers who posted it. When it was already approved by fiverr. Even if it’s visible to you, if you send offer it won’t be submitted.
In mobile app when if you tried submitting your offer it will ask you to very your details and try again or contact CS.

Thank you :heartpulse:,