Minimum tip 5 dollars, ok fiverr


Just wanted to say, I was happy with a work and wanted to tip the seller with my remainig paypal balance which is 4 dollars. Turns out the minimum tip is 5 dollars, come on fiverr, why put “custom tip” yet you dont allow less than 5 dollars.

I would understand tips above 2 dollars, but 5?


The other day I had to hire someone on fiverr to do part of an order I was working on. After delivering the files to my client I recieved a $5 tip. I wanted to split it in half and share it with the other seller and I discovered this $5 minimum :frowning:


Why is $5 a bad minimum tip? The normal minimum gig price is $5. Shouldn’t the minimum tip be the same? That’s why Fiverr is called… “Fiverr”.


Why would the tip be the same as the price of the work? regardless, any money tipped should be appreciated.


Yet another invasion of the penny pinchers post.

The answer to this conundrum is simple. If you don’t want to leave a $5 tip. Don’t leave one at all. I had a buyer ask me for my personal email and PayPal once, so they could send me a $1.50 tip. I subsequently sent them a scathing essay detailing why I would be grossly offended by even the idea of a $1.50 tip and how I was even more offended by their willingness to put my business in jeapoardy.

Leave a 5-star review rather than try to tip for a low amount. This will help a seller in the long term. Or if you can find out where they live, you could just show up in person and throw breadcrumbs at them.


My mother and I left a ten cent tip at a restaurant one time to show our displeasure and humiliate the waiter. Is this your intention?


I so support your thought. I posted a similar thread a long time ago and called for custom tips. I strongly believe if Fiverr would allow $1, $2 or even $3 tips we would see much more tips.

For me a $1 tip is better than nothing.


I would feel insulted by less than a $5 tip. I would prefer nothing.


If someone places a $5 order it’s just silly to expect someone to tip 100%?. [quote=“misscrystal, post:8, topic:146074, full:true”]
I would feel insulted by less than a $5 tip. I would prefer nothing.

If you go to a restaurant do you ever leave a tip of 100% ? I doubt it. Just my point of view.

I would sooo prefer $1 or $2 here and there over nothing. These add up over time, and I still believe we would see more tips if that would be an option. Overall the custom tip section exist, why not allow numbers below the $5 mark.


I do this all the time since the designer I use only charges $5. I tip $10 or $15 usually.
$5 is pocket change. I consider a $5 sale as a gift.


It’s very rare for me to get tips; never ask/expect them either.


It might be pocket change for you but others might eat on $5 / week.


Not true, things are not so cheap even in India. $5/day you can say, that too won’t be easy.


Sellers need to wake up to the fact that if they think $5 is a lot of money it isn’t.
I’m aware that some economies value $5 highly-- from which sellers only get $4 — but if the majority of your buyers are in western countries they are getting your work free basically if you sell them something for $5. It’s charity to sell anything for only $5.


Ah don’t doubt it, not too long ago I stumbled upon a post in which someone said they live on $5 / week for groceries.


It’s possible if they get most of their supply from government subsidies - that’s for the poorest sections of the population.


$5 is 325 rupees…that’s how much a decent sized pizza for one at my nearby Domino’s Pizza costs; or a cold coffee + chicken wrap at the nearby Cafe Coffee Day…actually they cost more…Rs. 360.


$1 x 20% = $0.8
I think, it’s depends of the buyer, which is Fiverr platform provide in tech things such as designs, webs, hi-tech codes for web purposes and many more which are the sellers need to do maintenance to care of he or she’s tools and taxes also. So I think the $5 minimum of tips is make sense, Please correct me if I am doing something wrong. Sometimes, I give tip to the waiter in the restaurant for at least $5 of minimum and I don’t have problem with that.


If people want to work for a few bucks that’s up to them. Where I live less than a $5 tip is insulting no matter what the check comes to. It may be a cultural or economic difference in locations.


We don’t have a tradition of tipping here, I have very rarely tipped waiters and they don’t expect it either. So I don’t expect tips from anyone, but it always makes me happy when that happens.