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Minimum traffic required to get 1st Order


Hope all of you are doing well.

I have joined Fiverr about 15 days ago, I am a Pofessional Accountant and offered my Accounting and related Services but didn’t get any order yet.

My question here is minimum how many impressions, views and clicks are required to get first order.

Thanks and Regards

The technically accurate answer is: none.
The more useful answer is: statistics show you what you need to work on, so that you can convert the impressions to clicks and the clicks to orders.

This might be helpful:

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@imagination7413 thanks for your prompt reply.

I have created the following gig about 20 days before and i got 61 impressions 18 views and 3 clicks, but no order. do you think its enough for new seller.

3 clicks in 20 days isn’t much. Where and how are you promoting yourself?

Thanks again…!

I didn’t promote outside Fiverr yet.

How can I promote my Gig outside Fiverr, if answer is Linkedin, all of my contacts on m y Linkedin Account are my friends and colleagues, and for sure they will not give me any order…

any suggestion please.

and you are a writing expert, please check if my Gig is drafted well.

YOu can promote it on social media account

I’m hardly a writing expert, but thank you for the complement.
In relation to your gigs, here:

I suggest looking over the (DES) and (PPD) sections, and (IMG) point 2.
Give me a bit of time, and I’ll give more detailed pointers.

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I don’t have facebook or twitter account where should I promote my gig Am totally alone person am not active on social media where should I promote my gig

This is not a complete list, but should be enough to give you a decent starting point.

I think the title on your 5th gig is a bit long. Maybe remove “make presentation” so that the whole title is visible at a glance.

Are you a CPA? If so, add that to your profile certifications.

You mention you specialize in reconciliations, but your gig for that service has the weakest of the gig descriptions.

I noticed you took the Skills Test for English, maybe see if there’s some for accounting and financials?

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Thanks, let me work on the above and will get back to you.

let me make a cup of coffee to read this Article

Responding here, because your new thread was in the wrong category among other reasons.

I know I directed you to the (IMG) point 2, but to point out specifically what’s off:

Cut off and can’t read due to color blending into image, cut off and therefore looks unprofessional, and a vertical image that appears cropped as a thumbnail.