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Misbehavior over request

A user that I asked a gig from obviously could not reply correctly. He kept saying “I am working on it”. Later on, without any exact reply, he started asking me to favor him some money. He comes back and forth with the same request. This is really DISTURBING. I need to do business in Fiverr without any disturbance. Thanks.

Can you please be clear so we can get the context correct when responding to you…

Have you paid for the gig and submitted your requirements?

When the seller writes “I am working on it” - is he responding to questions that you have asked?

When you say the seller writes “favour him some money” - have you changed the requirement of the task?

Depending on your answers, the thoughts given in this forum from other users will change. For example, if you are asking the seller many questions after ordering a gig, he might be thinking they want to do business on Fiverr without too much unnecessary disturbance from you! Context is everything.


The asks for money without having done anything for me. He know that. He us just asking for money. Pleasle review latest contacts and investigate. I am herein reporting soneone who is just asking for money. Please investigate that. Yes. When he says (I am working on it) he seemingly referred to the gig offered, but the later interventions were about “please send me some money”. I am hopping that he just doesn’t know how to gain from the app. Why does he keep coming back.? Please check him out

Have you ordered yet? Because you have to pay the seller before they start working.

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You need to clarify if you have an order with this seller for this or if you’ve asked him to start a gig without ordering.