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Misleading 'Average Delivery Time' Will Put Off Buyers

I have a Santa Claus voiceover gig and last year it proved very succesful and my turnaround times were very quick. Earlier this year I had a chap order and we agreed it wasn’t a job we could fulfill, but the gig was left hanging. Now my ‘average delivery time’ sits at 13 days. With my busiest Fiverr period approaching, can anyone there help me on the matter and reset it to what it was prior to this miscommunication?

Thank you in advance!

I’m not exactly sure, but if I’m not mistaken, the seller himself/herself is the one who sets the average delivery time. For example, one of my gigs has a “4 days on average” delivery time, and it was me who set that to 4 days. It used to be 5, but I work a little bit faster now, so I edited it. Hahaha.

You can edit the average delivery time by going to “My gigs”, selecting that certain gig, and clicking the “Edit” button. It will allow you to set the time it takes for you to finish that gig. :slight_smile:

Reply to @kahzumi: That’s what I was wondering, too. My gigs never arbitrarily choose their own average delivery times. He should be able to just go in and reset it to whatever number of days he wants.

Reply to @kjblynx: That sure is strange! Maybe it’s a glitch? I really don’t know. Average delivery time is YOUR own set delivery time. It’s not like the average response time that gets decided on its own. :smiley: Maybe you should try contacting Fiverr support?

Sorry I couldn’t be of much help. :frowning:

Reply to @emasonwrites: Me too! :o I wonder why that’s happening to them. It’s apparently happening to @kjblynx too. :frowning:

Reply to @kahzumi: I think what she means is that you can set your own delivery time, but if you exceed that time (i.e., you set your delivery time for one day, but you deliver in two days or never deliver), your average delivery time sets itself to some other time, to reflect how long it “actually” took you, not that she’s having the same problem.