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Misleading Black Friday Offer

This is just a bit of a moan as the fault was mine for not reading the small print on the Black Friday deal email.

The small print says ‘promo codes are limited to 1 use per user’ but the headline says ‘10% discount on all services that are $20 and up’.

I think this would have been more accurate if it had read ‘10% discount on any service that is $20 and up’. As it was, I used it on a $30 gig and saved a whopping $3, which probably didn’t even cover the service fee, and I couldn’t then use it on a $300 gig I paid for an hour or so later.

And then, to add insult to injury, another email yesterday reminding me to use my promo code, which I’ve already used. Surely this email could have been selectively sent to users who actually haven’t used their codes instead of all users?

Oh well, moan over. I guess I’ll remember next year to use the code on a bigger gig to make it count.