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Misleading communication


If the seller says that we should send our scripts…that means exactly that.
Because it is imperative to be clear in the first instance, I decided to open up a chat to get a bit more clarification.

The hurried service provider is not a good sign. So an immediate “not so fast” was exactly my reply. I ased for time to come up with some ideas - over the weekend and promised to resume in the new week.

So before signing off for the weekend, I mention the type of work it will be categorized as and service provider says there’s no scripts ready in that area…that is to be interpreted that it will have to be that I provide my own script…knowing I’m due back on Monday, latest Tuesday.

I dutifully resume convo and very excitedly send script for rendition into what I anticipated to be skillful masterpieces of work.

If as a provider, you request my script, it means that you are prepared to do the work with my script. Literally, it means that the service provider is ready, willing and capable to create from my script and my ideas. It means that they can deliver the requisite.

So, this I proceed to do today. The provider then writes “really sorry we’ve not relevant graphics in our library” - excuse ME? So why on earth did you require me to write the script?

Misleading and very unsettling. Bordering on dishonest and I’m tempted to say to everyone, not to use this provider. Because the communication and the attitude that goes with it, says "not open for business"
Instead of being humble, this provider continues to pick an argument in anticipation of the last say.
My grand entrance into this platform - my instinct to never be in a hurry to accept any offers and my capacity to immediately discern that this will be part of the navigation of a new space where there must be a clear demarcation between a hustler and a creative.


Umm… so you are upset at the fact that when they ask for the script, you delayed them and after you submitted (taking your time of course), they said they cannot do it, because their video library does NOT contain relevant graphics?

Why do you think they asked for the script in the first place? :thinking:

Also, was this a seller who responded via “Buyer’s Request” or did you do your due diligence and found a seller via manual search on the search page?


I’m guessing this was part of a conversation rather than an order?

Much better that they told you they didn’t have the graphics and couldn’t do it, rather than saying they could, and then you’d be disappointed with the end result.

As no money changed hands (I presume), I can’t see a problem to be honest.