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Misleading images on gigs

Sorry if this has already been discussed, if it has, I would appreciate a link to the original discussion.

I feel a little mislead by a few of Fiverr sellers. When I searched for ‘retro posters’, I noticed multiple sellers were using the same designs on their gigs. I reported this to Fiverr who immediately took appropriate action. 20 minutes later, one seller removed the copied design.

There seems to be a pattern with the sellers (not all sellers) that fall under this search result. A lot of the gigs have multiple images of designs as the first image rather than individual designs with the buyers review. Most of the images with multiple designs are (in my opinion) usually more attractive than the individual designs with buyers reviews. It makes me question whether they are actually their designs they are advertising.

Since discovering sellers using the same designs to advertise their gigs, I feel uneasy to buy from Fiverr. It isn’t fair on buyers nor is it fair on honest sellers.

I was impressed with how fast Fiverr dealt with it.


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Finding the right seller can be a challenge here on Fiverr. But we are out there, of that I can assure you. If you find a seller promoting their service with images that other sellers are also using to promote themselves, stay away from those sellers. A good seller will feature his own, unique work, not images that other artists have created (and that are in use by other people).

Unique images that reflect an individual seller are usually a good place to start when finding a great seller to work with. :slight_smile:


If you have any doubts, you can always use good old Mr.Google image reverse search with the sample images.
You can eliminate a good number of unoriginal illustration/logo/poster/website/business card design gigs that way pretty quickly. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I noticed that as well. I also noticed different sellers using the same profile pic too. Not a generic animated one but an actual pic of a real person. That makes me suspicious.


Unfortunately some people believe they will make more money by featuring an actress as their profile photo!