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Misleading labeling of "Days on Average"

That stat is the stated number of days that the Seller may need to complete their work. There are no averages involved at all. This should be re-labeled more accurately.

Better yet, Fiverr should really average the number of days that a particular Seller takes to deliver their orders, just as they do with the Average Response Time. That would make the information much more useful.

Many Sellers deliver their orders much sooner than their maximum stated delivery times

Really, how hard could it be?

Agreed, this would be much better.

But if you just take the average, then as a buyer what happens when I am the one person who is 3 days beyond that number?

Reply to @sincere18: I suppose that if you understand what the word “average” means, then you know that it can be more or less than the average.

Of course the Seller’s stated maximum time to complete an order should be shown separately. i.e. Max 5 days to Deliver- Actual 3 days on average.

A simple “5 Days on average” means nothing. It doesn’t indicate a deadline nor does it show an average.

Reply to @ricksper: Yes, I know what average means, however many buyers choose a particular seller for a gig because they need it by a certain day.

And the average number of days as it is listed now, is the number of days an order gets marked as needing to be completed by or else it is a late delivery. Most sellers don’t want late deliveries so they make sure it is done.

I think they use the word average in that way to let buyers know it could be before that time frame, but not after.

Maybe the title is just something left over from early stages that was forgotten. Bottomline as it isn’t an average it should be updated to something more accurate.

Mine is actually wrong. I don’t understand why it says 6 Days on Average when I have indicated it to be a maximum of 3 Days in the Gig.