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Misleading lack of currency

First time user here. I bought my first service on fiverr and after checking my bank account for something unrelated found out that no, fiverr is not in my local currency, but USD. Which was a disappointing surprise.

Either Fiverr needs to clearly display “USD” next to each and every dollar amount used on the site or switch to the equivalent local currency of the user. In which case that currency name needs to be against each amount.

It’s about as ambiguous as saying “2 o’clock”. 2pm or 2am? Which timezone? Daylight savings time or regular?

It’s a great trick thinking I was spending $80 to find out that… no actually I spent $110.


you will get all your questions answer by reading fiverr TOS.

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I’m sure it’s documented somewhere. But that’s not the point is it?

Fiverr need to up front about the currency. It needs be on the page where you buy stuff… next to the amount.

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I understood your concern about the matter.

sorry to hear that, but there is option available in fiverr switching the currency. you may change the currency according to your region

Hey that’s not bad. At least when I switch to my local currency it displays a letter indicating that. Now if it just shows “USD” on the default we’d be good!