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Misled - fake designer

I am so angry and feel so misled. I ordered a custom logo from three different designers on fiverr and the first two completed the order in a timely manner and were very responsive. I wasn’t thrilled with the designs - nothing wrong with them but just not thrilled and wanted another go at it.

So, I contracted with a third designer. The JUNK she sent me as a final design was a JOKE! It was supposed to be a ‘watercolor logo’ and it was two watercolor flowers with 99% clip art! When I received it on Monday evening, I told her I was not happy. She said she would re do it. I heard NOTHING from her on Tuesday and she sent me a message this morning telling me she was ‘confused’ as to what I wanted.

Obviously, I disputed the charge. She agreed to it but now I see I can’t get a refund - only a credit! I’m not happy about that! I am scared to use this company’s designers again! Oh… and when I looked at her reviews - they were all fake! Written by other designers!

I honestly feel like fiverr owes me a discount for having such a fake on their site! And, i can’t leave a bad review to warn others because you can’t leave a review unless the work is completed!



Please contact customer support for assistance. You can create a ticket here :arrow_down:

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Well, not just on Fiverr, but scammers and copycats can be found on every website, the thing is you as a buyer should be really careful when choosing sellers. Just read some of the topics of @gina_riley2, she had written dozens of threads on how to vet your sellers.

Personally, I hate when it happens, but it does happen. In my opinion, if you want a great logo, try hiring someone from the pre-vetted PRO sellers. You won’t be disappointed, but they are pricier. Also, when it comes to logos, try to avoid cheap sellers, the ones that offer 10 logos for $5, almost all of them send stollen work.

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I did read reviews on each of the designers I choose. This artist had great reviews. After she gave me junk, I went back to read the reviews on her work and discovered that they were given by other ‘artists’ on this website! Such a scam!!!

You can get a refund by contacting customer support. The money not being refunded to your payment method automatically is a feature which ensures that if you were to choose another seller then you would not have to pay the processing fee again - it is a good feature which is in the Buyer’s interests.
I suggest you read the as it details all the features of the site, how it works, their and your responsibilities etc. It is not the typical unreadable drivel that sites use and is actually made to be read. Similarly, when you have a question about something, the forum is a good place to come to and ask as there are many sellers and buyers here who will be happy to offer advice.

I created a Customer Support ticket and I’m hoping to hear back soon!


Just as gig _freak had indicated above, logos are the #1 faked item sold on 5r.

Many unqualified sellers, with no skills, will create gigs to sell logos because it’s easy to fake. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, virtually every seller has 5 star reviews, so that’s not a good way to find sellers.

You need to reverse search every logo you get to ensure they aren’t copyrighted and belong to someone else.

That being said, there are good sellers of logos here and you don’t have to pay four figures. You could find some genuine sellers that offer between $45 to around $300 – depending on complexity. They take pride in doing good work— it does take time to search and find them.

Good luck with your logo, regardless of if you buy here or elsewhere.

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