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Missed huge order because of

i really very disappointed today …buyer left me messages that he is going to place order …and he asked (will you do that for me)…i took a while to reply and he Found someone else…:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:
learned lesson :sweat::sweat:


Yes answer fast or you lose buyers. Even just ten minutes later means they have found someone else.


What buyers do is contact 5-6 sellers for the same job - only one can get the job, and speed is a major factor.


Its happened to me also. I had missed so many orders for that problem.

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Fast response is good for sellers. As @fogi said , buyers send messages for lots of sellers. So , As sellers we must fast enough to response them.
Good luck with your work.


Speed is a factor when you are avaible and online reply every new message fast.

However, we can not get every job about your disappointment I don’t think you should be! Because what if the same buyer had message you when you were sleeping it really doesn’t mean you should not even take rest or break time.

So chill and work hard you will surely get better orders.


thanks @naikoosuhaib

No need to disappoint you will get more orders, this was not for you but for someone else
there will be a lot of orders for you.
Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

This isn’t necessarily true. I have several buyers who at some point have complained that I have took too long to reply or that my delivery times are too long. They go away. Then they crawl back having been burned by someone who could give them an immediate yes without thinking.

I would actually go so far as to say that buyers who need you to be on the ball asap should often be avoided. Rushing work is often a sign that buyers are outsourcing, possibly don’t really understand what they want, or have more diabolical intentions.


While you are absolutely correct but I don’t think you reached this overnight. For new seller I think it’s the best strategy give response ASAP.

Alas, you are correct.

I toiled for years in the backbreaking Fiverr review mines before coming to this understanding. In fact, I still have a limp to this day. :frowning:


I was going to write just that.

Be careful. If you couldn’t answer because you were sleeping, relaxing a bit, or doing something important, then there is no lesson to learn. Don’t put your health at risk. However, if you didn’t answer because you were distracted, unfocused on your work, or procrastinating… then yes, learn the lesson :wink:


@design_spirits How much time did you delay to reply?

We are in a highly competitive environment.

If you want to be competitive then you answer fast. IF you feel that the more important thing is to not be rushed or feel pressure then don’t complain when you lose a few clients for not answering promptly.

I feel that some are scared to death of getting difficult clients and that’s understandable after you have dealt with a lot of less than pleasant or easy to deal with ones. Ideally we could choose to accept or reject each order after a consultation to feel out each client for their motives and way of relating to us.

That is never going to happen so if you want more sales be online more and answer questions immediately.

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Yeah, I think you should be available when you get a reply so you can discuss clearly and engage the buyer so he couldn’t go to other sellers.