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Missin Money!

To All sellers on Fiverr take a look on your accounts to see if your orders are paid. In my account are missing money from 4 orders!!! And I open a ticket at Fiverr support and they don’t answered from April 04!!! I don’t what to do next!!! I need some advice form someone!

Thank you.

There is a known glitch for level sellers. Suppose someone buy a gig of $5 and then upgrade the order with $20 gig extra.

Now this kind of order will show two separate pending clearance which is confusing.

And both orders will show $16 clearing amount which is $32 as per calculation but in reality it will be $20. So at first sight it seems we lost $12. But in reality it is a system glitch of showing orders.

This happened to me many times, and time to time it does happens and fiverr fix it for me.

Other than that i never found missing amount which does not credited to us.

Hi buddy,

Firstly, calm down. Fiverr aren’t in the “scamming game”.

Secondly, if I were you, I would simply drop them another message within your open ticket and politely ask the guys when they will get back to you. It’s best if you don’t open another ticket but use your open one.

Everything will be sorted, I guarantee it :slight_smile:

Have a lovely weekend and stay awesome!

Warm regards,



Hello, I have patient from 2 weeks and and no answers to my questions. I send them another 7 messages with no answer. I send them 2 screencast record with missing money, no answers…

Okay, this is something I have never experienced before. Can anyone with more experience jump in here and make a suggestion?

Did you actually confirm the ticket? You get a little email with a link to click if you are not signed into the support system at the time of creating it. If you did not click that link then customer support will never see that ticket.

Yes, I know about this and I click on their link from my email! No answers!!!

@adimar33 I’m not sure if I understand what happened? Did the funds just not clear from those orders?

@brunettegrenade No, the funds not appear on existing orders! I complete those orders and the funs don’t appear!

@wingle I’m talking about orders not gig extra and it look clear to me. I have almost 3 years on fiverr and after their big update I see a lot of problems. Like I said I have 13 active orders and just 48$ on upcoming payments(normally 52$)… I do my job, I complete this orders and after 2 weeks it happen again but now I have 12$ missing.

I opened a ticket and no answer…

Reply to @adimar33: You should check PENDING CLEARANCE Page for orders if they are clearing or not.

I do not trust the figures show in analytic page, most of them are wrong.

For example, Earned This Month never show correct figure for me, and so does the TOTAL EARNED figures.

@wingle Hello, Missing funds don’t appear on PENDING CLEARANCE Page!!! Fiverr keep my money. Today it happen again