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Missing buy button, please help!

I’m brand new to fiverr. I setup a gig running the only screenprinting service on the site. I had one potential order but I couldn’t actually do it, because my gig didn’t have a buy button available. The gig was for 5 orders, which would’ve been really nice for me. I applied for the fiverr card immediately after. But I’m really lost as to why there is no buy option on my gig. I recently suspended the gig because I need to make it stand out, so I am going to do that first. But I need help ASAP, any ideas??? Plus, where is the fiverr support is there only a forum and YouTube channel?

You do need to have an account such as Paypal or the revenue card attached to your account in order to make sales on Fiverr. But keep in mind, when YOU view your own gigs, you’ll never see the “Order Now” button; it will say “Edit Gig” because why would you order your own gig? Obviously a seller buying his own gigs could artificially inflate his own sales numbers, which wouldn’t be right. If your buyer didn’t see an active “Order” button or any way to order your gig, then there must be a problem with his account.

Links to customer support are on the top, bottom or both of every page of the Fiverr site (not the forum). The forum is for Fiverr members, buyers and sellers.