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Missing Communications!

I think you will agree that having a printed (on the screen) communications between seller and client is of high importance for Fiverr, the seller and the client. I have noticed of late clients going missing for a while or not sending requested media. This is having an effect on my ability to sell and communicate with clients. At first I put it down to just language barriers, virus, mobs destroying businesses or simple misunderstanding. However a client I am in communication with now, I have noticed a missing communication I sent the client on the 6th of June. It is highly important that all communications between the seller and the buyer are on record before and during a gig purchase.
I have sent a version to the Fiverr help team to investigate, I recommend that everyone check their communications with their clients to check whether messages have gone missing, I would especially check present gigs just in case that this is a site wide bug, you can be losing clients because of none communication!!


I had a similar issue and have faced that many time !

I took initial earlier this year but Customer support keep saying everything is working fine and there is no issue…
CS executing was unable to understand my request even after multiple screen shots and explanations…

I had that message on order page ( Recent conversation - where it shows messages of inbox ), but not in my Inbox !

But CS kept saying Order page and inbox are different Even if I shared them screen shots with Red mark times -date and everything I could…I was missing only few of messages in between not all !


:+1:Thanks for that, I have had a feeling there was a problem with the communication part of Fiverr for a while now, but just put it down to misunderstandings, this explains a lot, you say you had the same problem at the beginning of the year, we must ask, how long has it really been going on and how many customers have we lost because of missing communications!

I would say I didnt lose any customer…

I always faced this after we started order, and when I go through his old messages to recall things we talk I realized they are missing…and asked back and thats awkward !

I also started to think its my misunderstanding but when I investigate the whole matter and cross check order page Recent conversation and inbox, I found out its fiverr isuue…

Unfortunately my ticket was assigned to person who couldn’t understand my concern and started giving me beginner lessons…

After reading his/her reply , I think he/she didn’t even bother to look at my screenshots that I shared multiple time with different arrangements and formats with marks - arrows and everything I could do :smiley:

So Please let me know if you find any helpful reply and they look into this matter !

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Will do! I will let you know

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The communication - topic is very interesting.

Thanks for explaining very well.

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