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Missing Facebook Likes?!

Facebook started to not show the correct number of Facebook likes at almost all Facebook Pages/Profiles. Facebook official article suggests that they started calculating the number of likes based upon the importance of the content of the Page to a person that have liked it. Facebook remove likes, regardless of the fact that they where made by real people (you can test that by liking 50 Facebook Pages for yourself, and reviewing the likes 3 days later - Experiments made March 2015).

There is no real statistical data that shows this Facebook Policy change made any affect to the Facebook Overall Ranking. However, tests show that there are no missing likes from the Facebook Posts, and because of that, i encourage our members to submit Facebook Posts, Videos and Photos , as they are not affected by this Policy. Nobody knows if Facebook will change its Policy in the future, but for now… Exchanging likes with the real people is still the best strategy for improving you Overall Facebook Rank.

You should try it!