Missing Fund of 70.40 USD


I have withdrawn a amount of 70.40 usd to payoneer bank transfer on 20/04/2018 but that amount was missing and no solution from both payoneer and fiverr side.

Payoneer has clearly stated that the amount was not received by them and asking me to contact fiverr.

Here on fiverr telling it has send and contact payoneer.

What is happening here…somebody help me please.

i still have 380usd in fiverr account and if i get a solution for this, then only i will move that remaining funds (but i will surely use paypal this time for withdrawal).


Switch to Paypal. I don’t know what happened to the missing money.
Make sure that it went to the proper address on Payoneer but from now on use Paypal.

Also make sure the password has not changed on your Payoneer account. Then change it to a new one.


Use Paypal or Bank transfer to avaoid payoneer!

May be these will help hiu…



Thanks for your reply guys! reported the issue to fiverr.
Hope i get that amount back.

My payoneer account got disabled and i have submitted documents for verification.

Yes, i don’t like to use payoneer anymore.


Bank tranfers happen through Payoneer.


Is there any reason it was disabled?



There was no reason at all.

I have contacted them about the payment

They said “please wait for few business days your account is in review”

Then i told “it is in review more then one month now, from march end untill now”

Next time I contacted them, payoneer support told “ account is disabled”

Then yesterday I contacted them, told your account in review. It will take 3 business days…

:joy::joy:what is happening

And why to me

All other people doing fine

Just started out on fiverr from feb and got first project on mid march

Now all money staying in fiverr… all because of me

I should have used my paypal business account.

Just for more usd to inr conversation rate, i used payoneer

Tomo i move all my remaining funds 380usd to paypal

And still waiting to get this 70 usd back


I think only option is PayPal.
Good Luck


Received money back! used paypal…
Thanks for reply


Congratulations! I know how difficult it can be to not get your money.


Bank Transfer option also provide by payoneer


Same things happened with me and I lost my $68


Just tell payoneer about the issue and they will ask you to send some screenshot for proof and do refund!

And also open a support ticket in fiverr and tell them what happened

Hope this helps