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Missing Funds? Earning Report on Fiverr does not match?

Hi i’m very confused why is my cost for promoted gig does not match on the earning page? and what is this “Fiverr added funds” and “Fiverr removed funds” ?

why did Fiverr took my money twice? or i misunderstood something here?

can any one help me explain this?

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I’ve not seen this one before. Have you reached out to Customer Support?


yes i did, still got no reply until now

here is the aswer from the CS, it seems that instead of using “last 30days” sorting, it’ll be more accurate using “last month”. the data matched.

the point where i got confused is “Fiverr added funds” - why is Fiverr just not get to the point only for “Deduction for Promoted Gig” lol . but i think it’s cleared up now.