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Missing Funds. Please help me

Hello everyone,

I am a seller here on Fiverr and I’ve had a very pleasant experience until recently.

Here’s what happened:

Someone ordered from me a Gig with some Extras. The total amount paid by the Buyer was 45$.

Everything went well, I delivered the order and the Buyer left me a positive feedback.

But once the funds were cleared, instead of 36$ which I was supposed to receive, I received only 16$.

The Order Page says: ORDER COMPLETED. YOU EARNED $36

But under the Revenues Page, the same order appears as: Funds Cleared (view order) $16

Yes, I am very sure. I’ve checked multiple times. These two pages are linked between them. I am pretty sure no one else besides me has access to my account, there were no withdrawals made during this period, and nothing else that I could think of. So where are the remaining 20$?

It’s obviously a mistake. I tried to contact Fiverr Customer Support but no one answers…

What should I do?

It’s not about the money.

It’s about the fact that it’s very frustrating, because it’s my work…

Please help me.

Reply to @dezaxatul:

I got a reply and he said this >>

Hi there,

Everything looks fine on our side. Please clear your cache/cookies and send me a copy of your top section of the revenues page showing the problem.



<< and nothing different happened after clearing cache/cookies



I didn’t get a reply from customer support… yet. :frowning:

And I have a bad feeling about this…

It’s obvious that it has nothing to do with cache / cookies.

And I definitely doubt that they can’t see the missing funds on their side.

Where did the cash go, then?

I have the same problem. In fact, I saw it in advance and contacted CS about it. The initial gig was $5 and later upgraded to $25. But only $5 showed up in the list. CS guaranteed me that the full amount would finally be cleared, and surprise surprise… it didn’t. I’ve contacted CS 12 days ago and other than them saying they’d have their tech team look at it I’ve had no reply… This sort of mistakes seriously damage my trust in Fiverr. I’m sorry, but it seems to be seriously lacking developers. Since they take 20% of every sale, surely they should be able to hire a decent dev team to upgrade the system. It’s lacking in so many basic areas… I really hope it get’s an upgrade soon, because I really like the general idea behind this community.

dezaxatul said: It's obviously a mistake

Yes it is. If I understand you correctly, I have the same scenario.

Buyer purchased $5 gig from me. A few days later Buyer wanted more added and we agreed to an additional $20, and the Buyer bought the Extra for the gig total of $25.

I delivered the gig, got a great review and the order says Complete You Earned $20. ($25-20%). But on my Revenues page only $5 is set to clear. The $20 is nowhere to be found.

I've had a ticket in for about a week and submitted 4 or 5 screenshots to support my claim, and followed up on the ticket. But no resolve yet.

And the $20 Gig Extra shows up on the Manage Sales page as NEW.

Keep me posted with your progress.

same problem here

In my case it doesn’t appear on the Manage Sales page either.

Why aren’t they answering. This is not normal.

I’ve contacted Customer Support with other occasions and they used to answer within 24-48hours.

Same Here… looks to me some bug … They should resolve soon

Did anyone get any answer from customer support?

If yes, please share the knowledge.

I feel that they are ignoring us. And as time passes the chances of recovering our funds diminishes.

This is extremely unpleasant!!

Reply to @dezaxatul:

I’m still waiting for Support to resolve.

Reply to @dezaxatul:

seriously bro :confused:

this means we can’t make use of gig extras in the future right? until we know this is fixed

he replied me again >>

Thanks for the information, I’m creating a technical ticket to our Fiverr tech team. They will review you support request ticket 606817 and work on resolving the issue for you. This may take some time to resolve on our end, however we will keep you updated. Once the issue is resolved, one of our support team members will update this request with the feedback we received from our tech team. Thank you for the patience with this technical issue and of course we apologize for the inconvenience.



I have noticed that a lot of CS seem to like to blame the issues on you. I reported about four to five bugs that others have verified, and they told me that it’s only happening for me. Only problem is, I had forum users verify that the issues occurred for them. Other issues that had happened they claim were only on my end, same thing. People saw the error but I still got blamed. I would take as many screen-shots as you can as proof. I had some funds “pending indefinitely” and I sent a ticket after a week beyond the point of clearing and all of a sudden they cleared and reported “no issues, must be on your end”. Your best bet if you haven’t yet is to send a ticket with as much proof as you can provide. I don’t think it’s them being fishy, I think it’s them believing that their coding is perfect and flawless. Generally it seems like CS is being told not to admit fault. Probably some sort of legal liability issue.

Reply to @cypherbot: The extras work fully, only issue seems to be on the case of you convincing someone to order extras after an initial base price order is made. I never had issues with extras when they ordered them in the initial order. It seems to have trouble 100% working when it comes to adding the extra total if the extras are placed after the initial order. These are the gig extras you should keep track of.

Reply to @freelancemm:

oh yes… that’s the case

Still no reply. How about you?

Here’s a screenshot of what’s going on:

As you can see it only clears the initial startup fee, and ignores the extra’s.


Same for me.

No luck with Customer Support so far.


I doubt that we will ever see this cash finally cleared.

Reply to @dezaxatul: I tend to be an optimist, but I’ve just cleared another project and have the same situation… that’s already adding up to $32 in missing revenue. It’s not that much, but it’s the principle of the thing. I’ve got another $40 around the corner. Is that going to go missing aswell? Still no answer from CS…

Okay seriously… my CS request has been marked as ‘solved’, and I’ve heard nothing and my money still hasn’t arrived… What the hell is going on? Are we being scammed?


Apparently, yes.

I am in the exact same situation as you are.

Customer Support said that my request has been forwarded to the technical department and no reply ever since.

Any news for you guys?