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Missing money? WHAT? Have I been working for free?

Hey guys,

It’s a shame that my first forum post is a negative one but I have to share with you to see if it’s only me being silly or there’s something really wrong going on.

I’m an illustrator, earning a fair amount here (enough to have a happy comfortabe life) so I don’t keep track of every order I deliver, I just keep pumping them in and let Fiverr take care of the rest :smiley: I check the analytics sometimes and I know how much approximately there should be but never thought of checking if it actually adds up. Just trusted the service and saved my precious time. UNTIL NOW.

It first caught my eye when I noticed on 2nd of Feb that my ‘earned this month’ is lower than it should be (it was easy to spot since I had only delivered 3-4 orders this month). I had some lags in the app and noticed that sometimes it takes a while for stats to update so didn’t care much. I came back later to check and it was still the same. Mind you that even if ‘earned this month’ was showing bollocks everything was fine in ‘pending clerance’ or ‘total earnings’. So I added up all the orders delivered in Feb and it came up to 225$, ‘earned this month’ was still at 200$. I checked the ‘daily earnings’ and there was 25$ missing on the day I delivered the ‘missing order’. Next day was 0$ so it’s not possible that it had jumped to the next day. So is 25$ missing from ‘pending clearance’ that are supposed to be cleared on 15-18 Feb.

So do you guys have any idea WHERE DID IT GO??? I’m now worried that it might have happened before and I didn’t notice. Also I’m afraid to keep working if it’s just gonna keep disappearing. ://

Thank youuuu

Is it just me???

Have you asked Customer Services?

There was a similar case a few days ago, and CS sorted it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I did… No reply yet. I really wish they’d have a call service for situations like this :slight_smile:

How to know though if it didn’t happen before without me actually noticing and contacting them? Can they check back-date? I’ve got some serious trust issues now :smiley:

No need for multiple similar posts. Numbers in orders page aint adding up