Missing My Gig :(


Hi !

Im Janith . I’m level 2 seller . My gig had on first page. I havent any negative feedback yet. I working for buyers very well. I updated my gig 2015.03.09 … But only description and gig extras… But after this update my gig haven’t in list… I searched lot. but my gig haven’t anywhere… I think after update have this problem… :frowning: Tel me guys . What i can do for get back my gig .


I don’t think it has anything to do with feedback or level.Its just fiverr working to provide equL opportunity to all sellers.


yes Mr . Fawhash . i have contact 2 time fiverr cs . :frowning:


Yep, Fiverr mixes things up all the time. Don’t stress about it, sales always go up and down. Just do your best when you do get orders, so the positive feedback can help.


Same thing happened with me I update my gig I add packages (new feature introduce fiverr for some categories) after updating my gig disappear from search result. Same thing happened with my friend after updating his gig disappeared.


Maybe you can try asking Customer Support if you think there’s nothing you can do anymore from your end?